Friday, November 14, 2014

11-11: Portal Of Enhanced Consciousness Of Love

Channelled By Kara On 11-10-14

There has been a lot of movement since the eclipses of October. The movement and recognition of what still has remained of the old has been quite huge. And now we’re here, at the threshold of this most powerful Gateway. I was told last night in the wee hours, when we receive many of our messages, that this Gateway is the most important and catalytic portal, even more than the Equinoxes and Solstices. It is one that the Angelic Realm of the higher dimensions is helping us through.

This past week especially, we have been receiving huge, high dimensional energies that continue to integrate into our bodies clear to our DNA, cellular and electrical systems. This has helped old memories to surface all for the purpose of letting go of any past that has lingered in our consciousness. As we go through the 11-11 Gateway tomorrow, we step through a golden curtain of cleansing, much like stepping through a gentle waterfall that clears us further. The potential of this Gateway is to step more into our mastery as Ascendees, and this allows (if it is time for you to do so) each to live life from a Soul perspective.

Step by step we have risen more and more in vibration and consciousness and sometimes we have wondered if we have changed at all, yet if we look at our journey thus far, we can see how far we’ve come. There have been many awakening moments, many Aha’s, changes and manifestations as we kept flowing along our individual Ascension paths. We have been guided gently throughout, for we have been guided by Love. While the changes haven’t been easy, the more difficult we have experienced them, the more powerfully we move into being Soul-merged.

As we move through the 11-11 Portal, have the intention to be nothing but Love. Not only have thoughts of being Love, but feel being Love. Treat yourself lovingly by meditating and being slow and conscious with every move you make. This helps you align with the Gateway, and it helps to bring others along as well energetically, even though they have seemingly attached themselves to the old.

The 11-11 Portal is an opportunity to advance in the consciousness of Love. And this allows your Light Body to further merge with your current physical body. It also activates your New Blueprint, which is located on an etheric plate sitting behind your Crown Chakra. It is encoded in Light Language glyphs. Your New Blueprint is not your original blueprint; it is based on a higher consciousness and who you are evolving into. Dormant Soul-Codes will also be awakened and activated. 

Know also that this is known as the Angelic Gateway and so will be more gentle than other events, for the Angels exude a great deal of Flow and Grace. As you step through the Gateway, you are helped through by many high dimensional Angels and greeted by more high dimensional Angels on the other side of the Gateway/Portal. As you prepare for the 11-11 (by the way, 11/11/2014 also adds up to an 11, making this Gateway incredibly powerful), keep your vibration high, your busy-ness low and your intentions clear and have an aura of Gratitude throughout everything in your life.

New higher and more loving perceptions are gained as you pass through the Gateway. If you feel angst or any of the lower emotions, make sure you release them in the Sacred Rose first, as whatever you step through the Gateway with, you empower. What is it you want to empower? Have this intention as you step through.

New Clarity and an expanded consciousness of Love are yours, if that is your intention. Freedom is also highlighted in this Gateway, as is an awareness of the gifts your Soul wishes you to express. And know that as you intend for yourself, it naturally includes all others and Gaia. And know that the higher purpose of this Gateway is to bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven in a grounded, real way.

This 11-11 Gateway empowers Soul-merge, if that is your intention. Of course, this is what Soul desires and knows that each being has free will. So if this is your desire, make it known. Offer prayers of Gratitude, for this truly is the only prayer necessary, for all is already within you. Giving thanks is a way to make manifest your deepest dreams and desires. And know that the Power of this Gateway continues through the 12-12 Gateway, the Winter/Summer Solstice, and up to the 1-11-2015 Gateway (which also adds up to an 11!). Remember too that 11 is the master number of the Visionary, so all visions are greatly empowered during this time.

Whether you choose to do Ceremony with others, at a sacred site, virtually or alone, the effect is the same, for we are all One. What you do on your own you do with and for all of life. It is important for you to ask your own Guidance how to do your own Ceremony. Whether you do Ceremony or not; or simply meditate, the time really doesn’t matter, for in the higher dimensions, all is truly timeless. The important thing to remember is to keep your vibration high and your intentions clear. Invite the high dimensional Angels to be with you and ask Them how to honor this 11-11 Gateway/portal of Enhanced Love Consciousness. And remember, you carry the Power and Love of this Gateway through to the 1-11-2015 Gateway.

I post small inspirations on my Facebook Page between writing the Ascension Notes, if you’re so inclined…Ascension: Soulstice Rising.

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