Monday, November 10, 2014

Aster: The Shift Is Here Now!

Channeled By Andrea Scully On 11-8-14

Passionate heart
Dear Aster, who is also my ‘selves’, I’ve finally come out of the passage of perpetual releasing it seems. Instead of this, there feels to me to be a shift of epic proportions into activity creating the new. This isn’t only my experience either, but one I’m seeing and hearing from so many others at this time.

Aster: The releasing of the old has been a necessary prelude to this creative phase. Until this releasing came to a certain collective place, the shift of energetic interplay and the co-creation of the energies of the collective was not yet ready to go forward.

The time to go forward has arrived and it’s in direct relation to the ‘space’ created by releasing the energies and attachments to what has been made obsolete. A new level has been reached and from this plateau there will be an explosion, a proliferation, a dynamic and expansively wild movement of Divinity-in-Action.

Rejoice, for the time to move is here now. All that’s required is the Heart to do so.

What we mean by Heart is specific in this instance. We mean specifically that the heart/core/Love/soul/passion of the Being must be engaged in order for any forward motion to happen. Remove this from the equation and nothing will move, or it will snap back or even backtrack on itself.

Get ready to see and hear of this all over the world, for this is a feature of the uptick in Universal energies and their action on the Realities in this time and place. The Holy Spirit is at work here, and there’s no thing and no one who may side step or escape this from now on.

Nor will there be a delay of years or of even months for this to occur, as has so often been the case in the past. Though in order to perceive this one must often take the broadest perspective possible. Regardless of whether one is perceptive enough to know this first hand, or is just in faith of the Divine Plan and its inevitability, it is so and it is here and now!

Blessed are those who have chosen to partake in this Holy Hour! By this hour, we mean the Now moment, and not only one of them. We mean the now, now, now, now, of each tick of the clock from here forward, to describe what is being experienced in a linear way.

This shift is huge. It encompasses all of the planet, and is a feature of the consciousness within the planetary body of Gaia. As physical bodies upon Her, all beings on Her are also shifting.

Those who aren’t shifting are leaving at this time for other realms, so we would advise that no matter what may appear concerning anyone who is or isn’t shifting to match the Being of Gaia at this time, this is the crux of the matter.

Yes, there seem to be many leaving this past year, and yet, my focus has been on those positioning for the new paradigm shift. 

Aster: No longer is the time to wait happening! The time of the beginning of manifestation is here. Now!

We know you feel and know this and are working diligently to express your deepest and most dear passions and projects. Know that this is so for many others as well, though your view may not be broad enough to see and hear of it yet.

crumbling structure 2Simultaneously, and by the merit of what we shared already, there’s the crumbling of all that isn’t ready to shift into heart/soul-centered alignment with Gaia and Her planetary body. The vital life energies will not support them and their viability will fade extremely quickly now.

There’s nothing anyone need do to demolish, or fight against or resist, but only to stand aside from what is already disintegrating and avoid the falling of the structures. Their foundations will not continue to support them.

Is this a personal message just for me, or are you saying this is true of all beings at this time? That there’s a need to step aside and just allow the crumbling and the fall of obsolete structures?

Aster: We will say that there are those who will be eager to topple what is crumbling from beneath anyway. We will say these are interested on a certain level in basking in glory of it all. This is fine and we have no judgments, let any who feel this need express it as they wish to.

But, from our view, this would be less than correct and true. The truth is much deeper and far greater than any of this surface business could be accounted for by human activity, no matter how heroic or how devoted.

Blessings to those who care, and to those who have contributed to the awakening of the awareness of all Beings. We do not wish to belittle them nor do we wish to discourage them. We only wish to share a broader view which is in a closer alignment with the truth as we see it.

I think I understand what you’re saying here. What you’re saying is that while there are many beings getting busy with various activities striving to move into a new paradigm planet-wide, the truer truth from a broader perspective is that the shift is actually made possible by Gaia shifting Herself and Her body.

Aster: Yes! Indeed, this is what we’re pointing out and we’d also like to encourage all to embrace the shift and the changes. No more waiting, beloveds. No more hiding the Light in order to protect oneself either. Those who would be looking to harm are now too busy simply trying to keep from flying apart at their own seams!

This is some very powerful information this time. I have to admit I feel like the stops have been pulled out, or that the boulder is at the top of the hill now ready to roll down, instead of the past feeilng of pushing it uphill.

Aster: Indeed. We would agree that this is so. Take advantage of this time of creating, only allow for it to unfold its magic instead of trying to force it. Take time to consider new beginnings carefully. Find patience, though the feeling is very strong to push.

As in a birth, the crown is showing now. Allow nature to take its course and it will. There’s no need to hurry, and pushing isn’t the best thing at this time. What is birthed now will also need time to develop, but this time will pass very quickly.

We also feel and share the excitement and the inspiration for what is occurring. From our view, all that is required to make for paradise on Earth has already come to pass. We know it is so, because we come from this place to attend you now.

Wow! That last statement is a whole other conversation in and of itself!

Aster: Yes, it is, and yet we leave you for now with that hint and with all our love, as well as our gratitude for all you are and all your caring. Without this, we would not be, and would not be here.

You leave me with some interesting new puzzle pieces tonight. Until our next meeting, I thank you for attending me and for your perspective. Go with love.

Aster: We’re here always. With love, we support you.

 To view this at the original source, click here: Notes From the Center of the Spiral.

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