Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Moving Into Creation In TRUTH – Expanding Out Of The VOID

Channelled By Karen Dover  On 11-2-14

For many of you the past few linear days may have seen you release a lot of what you may be referencing as “baggage”. This is a necessary part of the transformation and transition process. The balancing of your INNER SELF is now fully under way and the RESETTING of your energy signature to one of FLUIDITY in motion is now expanding. With this comes intense creative energetic frequencies, for in order to create the life of your dreams in TRUTH you must CREATE and become fluid. So at this time you may be full of energy, many of you may not fully comprehend how to work with this energy and this is also part of the transitional process, for under the old 3D earth created construct your were TAUGHT how to live in said construct. Now you are asked to become as a child and PLAY and CREATE in fluidity.

This may see many of you “revisit” the creativity that you had long since put to one side. For others of you it may be that you are discovering ways of interacting with the world that you never knew you enjoyed or could work with. ALL is adventure and expansion and it is vital that you allow this expansion to move around you, through you and within you. Part of the re-discovery process is aligning with the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH, this is a process of EXPERIENCING the different ways in which you can work with energy.

Many of you may have gone through various “training” in the old 3D earth created construct, learning various energy techniques and you may at this time be revisiting these in order to move them into EXPANSION, as you remember more clearly who YOU ARE in TRUTH then you will begin to gain in confidence in relation to how to work with energy. ENERGY JUST IS, it cannot be used “wrongly” as has been TAUGHT within the old 3D earth created construct, this teaching taught FEAR on all levels, how can you fear energy when in TRUTH it is what YOU ARE?

Many of you may have been sitting deep within the void for some time, unable to move for you have allowed yourself to believe that the path that is under your feet is already created for you and that you simply have to find it. This has seen the VOID become a place of solitude and non-movement for many of you. The energy that you need always available to you but a way in which to use said energy - beyond your vision.

The influx of the New Earth frequencies will have helped clear this from your energy signature for it is but the teachings of the old 3D earth created construct which have blinded you in the void. YOU are the CREATOR, the ARCHITECT and the DESIGNER of your own reality but you may have been taught to believe that you needed those around you to make movement before you could move, may have been taught to believe that you are other than you are in relation to what you are here to birth around, through and within you etc.

As the dream time landscapes now expand then you are able to take through vast amounts of information and clarity with regard to your own personal reality and to reach out and make the connections that you are required to make them a reality in the outer waking human life experience. This will see many of you move into the “miracles” that have been guided repeatedly to you and which you have not allowed SELF to align with fully. Remember a “miracle” is simply an outcome that your human logical mind has prevented you from seeing/accepting.

At this time you are asked to allow the FLUIDITY of movement by allowing yourself to be creative and allow the experience that JUST IS to flow through you, around you and within you. For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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