Sunday, November 9, 2014

Heavenletters: As The Sun Rises, So Does Earth


Channeled Through Gloria Wendroff On 11-7-14

God said:
Have such happiness with Me that you knowingly stay with Me always. Who would ever want to escape Me! It boggles the mind. Where love is, you belong. I am the Source of Love, and so are you. Running away from yourself is running away from the love you are. Soon you will stand still in My Presence. It will be the most natural thing in the world.

You are My love, so be it. Admit Me into your heart and admit to yourself or mumble to yourself that you and God are One and the Same. See how that sounds. ”God and I are One and the Same.” Hear how that trips off your lips and tongue. Do your eyes close as if by themselves? I will tell you this:

Eyes may close, and it is hearts that open. Your heart opens. Haven’t you wished for this?

Everything We do here is heart-opening. We are turning the key that lets love in, and We are turning the key that lets love out into the world. What else is there to do?

Never throw out this key that unlocks the hearts of the world. Every perceived person on Earth holds this key. Turn the key of your heart. The trick is to use this golden key. Turn, turn. Click, click. Shh. Listen to all those hearts opening and opening. They burst open, and love pours all over the land. The land is reclaimed by love burnished bright.

I declare love. I sing a song of love. I pour My love out, and My love appears as you. Thank God for you. You are the tiller of the fields of My love on Earth. Bequeath love and more love so that the sun shines brightly in every heart on Earth. No heart is missed. This is the day that love arises in all hearts, and anything less than love is not.

This is My Declaration of Love. I dare you to let your love out. You are here for this. This is My Declaration. Giving love out is your bounty. Pour, pour, pour the rich cream of your love.

Can you imagine My joy as I lean back and recline in the influence and affluence of love’s bursting and covering the Earth? Talk about Manna from Heaven! What do you think love is? A product of Earth? Love is a product given from Heaven. This is the real goods I speak of. You are the real goods. It is you I pour out from Heaven to bless the Earth you walk on.

Love that Earth tenderly. Speak well of it. The Earth is nature. Love nature. Don’t get so much into mortar and bricks. Walk on soft grass. Imagine yourself barefoot on Earth. Imagine yourself connected to the Center of Earth and the Heart of Heaven. I put My thumb and forefinger on the top of your head and spin you to the Center of Earth and back to the Heart of Heaven. And then you do a perfect back bend. As you spin in the shape of a circle of yourself, you lift the Earth.

Because of you, now the Earth is located in Heaven. There is overlapping. Earth has risen to its rightful place. Now it is no longer the Depths of Earth. Now it is the Heights of Heaven. No longer is there the sinking into the bowels of Earth, for Earth and Heaven have become One. If you and I are One, then Earth and Heaven are also wedded.

Let us celebrate this discovery. This is greater than man’s landing on the moon. This is Earth’s transferring itself to Heaven. No more skulking. As the sun rises, so does Earth with you on it.

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