Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Creation Energies: Why Ascension Beliefs Differ


 Channeled by Brenda Hoffman On 11-3-14

Dear Ones,

Some of you believe ascension means the movement to another dimension, planet or location. Others of you firmly believe that ascension is merely a perspective or emotional approach. Both are correct assumptions.

Perhaps you believe there is one right answer to the ascension question – meaning there is also a wrong answer. If you are on a unique path would not that indicate several variations of the word ascension? And so there are.

Perhaps such a thought is frightening. How do you know you define ascension correctly? Should not some one somewhere defines it for you? Now we have returned to your 3D beliefs.

Ascension is a very personal experience not limited to one phrase or definition. You create your life – including your ascension piece.

Have not many of you accessed materials about 3D earth death? Some talk of bright lights. Others discuss how you become as angels once you leave earth. Others that family members who have transitioned before you will lovingly greet you at the pearly gates. Those definitions are all correct, just as is true for your ascension descriptors. You create your experiences and always have – in all dimensions and all locations.

Is it not interesting that you have no difficulty understanding you create your earth reality, but cannot envision that those creation abilities apply to all of you in all locations? Those who expect a specific environment during and after their earth transition will find it. Just as they found pain and joy in 3D. You are the creator of you on all levels and in all locations.

Did you expect that some sort of council would examine and create your new life after what you term earth death? That someone somewhere would inform you whether you had been a good or bad person on earth? That such judgments would determine how your being experienced your next environment, life or whatever term you wish to use?

Where is the godhead or council that will nudge/direct you to your next big adventure after your earth death transition? How can you be wise enough to do so yourself?

Once again, you return to your self-doubts and lack of self-worth. The truth is you create your reality at all times and on all levels of being – and always have. It is just that most of you have lived for so many eons on earth, you no longer believe in your abilities.

It is time to return to knowledge you have always had – you create your reality.

How is it possible for you to create your earth life and then lose that ability until you return to earth? As if only those of earth are wise enough to create their reality.

Did you believe that someone somewhere would be your guru once you exited earth? Such is a fairy tale.

You do not reduce your wisdom once you exit earth. Nor do you increase your wisdom for a short time – in whatever way you calculate time – only to revert to following the directives of someone wiser than you. Such is merely your logic given how long you believed following others was the only method of existing on the earth plane.

God, the Source, the Universes or whatever phrase you use is probably much different from what you now envision.

If you think of all there is as one entity, and that you are part of that entity with a different role than all other entities, you would have a more concrete concept of all there is.

For many retain the belief that the godhead, the Universes are wiser or somehow better than you. Perhaps such is true in their particular area of expertise, but not in totality. For you are creating your life to be part of all that there is, but a unique part. There is not one entity anywhere within all there is that knows as much about you as you. No one can give you directives within all there is, any more than someone now of earth can direct your life. You are your creator. And you create your being according to your interests and needs.

Just as a hair follicle is not that interested in learning how a tooth cell functions. Both hair and teeth cells work together to create the being that is you – but have different roles and functions. So it is that you are your own guru. Now and forever and always have been.

You are attracted to those places and entities that help you develop as you wish to develop.

While it is true you might bring in advisers – much as you might hire someone to help you tone your physical body – you are responsible for your body, not the trainer you hire to best to meet your physical body needs. And so it is that you are responsible for you – now and forever.

Perhaps you believe you do not yet know all you wish to know about you – so how can you be responsible for you?

You are an ongoing, dynamic self-contained creation and creator. So it is that you are all that you are now and forever. And you are creating the ascension experience you wish to create – and always have and always will. So be it. Amen.


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