Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Council: Now It Is Your Turn

The Council
We would discuss with you now the recent lifetime of one who has come home to us. Rather, we would discuss what he was able to bring to your attention, and offer a different perspective than what is generally perceived. We are referring to the master known to you as Masaru Emoto.

This one worked with water, and you usually think of him as showing you that water has consciousness and that it will take on and exhibit for you various forms showing the beauty or lack of same in your thoughts and words. And yes, he did do that. But there was far more importance in his message than that.

If you carry the theme of his work to its logical extreme, there emerges something far more wondrous. You are, most of you, at least somewhat familiar with the idea that you create your own world. You intellectually understand the concept. You may not agree with it all the time, but your mind can understand it.

What this work did was to simply and undeniably illustrate that your thoughts, words, and feelings do physically change the stuff around you. You can, and you do indeed, create the world you live in. The stuff from which your surroundings are created are visibly influenced by those thoughts, words, and feelings.

Now it is your turn. What are you going to do with that knowledge? You may let it lie and eventually, for the most part, forget it. Or you may decide that this is an idea that, when truly taken to heart, empowers you like no other.

You no longer need to imagine that you have an influence on what is around you. You have seen it. He has shown you. He has shown you visible proof that what is in your heart and mind does indeed influence what is. You are that powerful. You are, in fact, so powerful that you do this without even trying.

Imagine how powerful you will be when you do it on purpose.

With unconditional love for who you are, we bid you good day.

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