Monday, November 17, 2014

The Hathors: Having It All Right Now

Channeled by Daniel Scranton On 11-14-14

“So, waiting for something is usually an indicator that you believe that it must take time to arrive. That also indicates that you believe that it is something that exists outside of you that must find its way to you by some way. We suggest that you stop waiting, that you let go of the concept of time and the concept of space and that you live in the moment as the most expanded version of yourself that you possibly can.

When you are operating as the most expanded version of yourself that you possibly can be operating as, you are including those things and those people, those circumstances and those events that you have been waiting for. For you will no longer see them as existing outside of yourselves, somewhere, somewhen in space/time. You will fully acknowledge that they are part of you.

And as you recognize this, then your life begins to unfold in magical ways.

Then as you play the game of space/time, you see it as a function of your vibration, you see it as only that which serves you, and you no longer find yourselves scratching your heads, wondering and waiting. You are this universe. This universe exists as an extension of you, as an extension of your consciousness. You cannot possibly be separate from anything in this universe. But you can create that illusion.

Now why would you want to create that illusion for yourselves? Well, to get yourselves to realize that you do not need anything that could be perceived as outside of you. That is the most important thing, nugget, tidbit, to take away from that experience as you continue to play with it for a little bit longer.

Be willing to give yourselves the experience of having no separation. Be aware of the places in yourself that you feel lack, and be aware of how you exactly you believe that these things that are somehow separate and outside of you could fill that hole where you feel the lack. We suggest that you fill the hole now. There is only satisfaction in filling the hole first.

We are not saying that it is not possible to do all the things that you believe are necessary to go out and get this thing or this person or have this experience that you believe exists outside of yourselves. We are just offering you a way that we believe would be much more satisfying for all of you. Because then you realize it is not about the thing, and you do not run attachment to the thing or the person. You realize that you are all you need to be whole and complete in this universe that is an extension of who and what you are.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”
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