Sunday, November 9, 2014

The 2 Breath Pantheon Meditation

By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK On 11-7-14

Hello Everyone!
Recently I was in Italy on a lovely holiday. While in Rome we stayed next to the Pantheon, a place that I feel very at “home” in. This trip I spent some time meditating inside the Pantheon. As I was doing so I soon felt my sweet father, Ron on one side of me and my recently passed teacher, Dolores Cannon on the other! I soon “heard” these simple instructions, literally a 2 breath meditation. 

I repeated it over and over and could feel my body reacting to the increased energy. I had been experiencing the onset of a cold at the time which vaporized after the meditation. I used it again this morning with a headache and again, the discomfort vaporized! I’m not sure if this is just a “me” meditation or if it was meant to be shared but if it helps any one of you reading this, then that’s awesome. Smile

1st Breath In: “I Clear Myself” ~ Visualize and feel your crown chakra opening and receiving white, pure light.

1st Breath Out: “I Heal Myself” ~ Visualize and feel the pure, white energy moving from the top of your body down to your toes.

2nd Breath In: “I Love Myself” ~ Visualize and feel energy from Source coming into your heart.

2nd Breath Out: “Push” the energy through your chakras and out your root chakra into the Earth, giving gratitude.

Easy, breezy meditation you can do anywhere! Enjoy!! ~ Suzanne

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