Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Micro to Macro: Assisting The Acceleration


Channelled By Sandra Walter On 11-18-14

Blessings Beloveds,
The accelerated timeline which HUmanity and Gaia activated last month, triggered by a cosmic alignment for a Pure Source Light Intelligence Gateway, provides new layers of possibility for HUmanity’s Ascension.

While we shifted to the primary timeline of Ascension many years ago, we continually choose the secondary timelines of our collective experience. We do this as a collective, with the leadership of Wayshowers and those carrying a 5D/6D vibration in their energy fields, to draw the collective experience up into an accelerated Ascension experience.

It is a highly creative passage; the timeline Shift of October brought forth creative stimulation and an active energy. It is a great turning-up on the volume of the Shift, and as Wayshowers we take the lead in participating with these new dynamics.

Accelerated Timeline: Higher Choices

As always, our Ascension experience depends upon Micro (personal choice) level, and Macro (planetary) level as collective activity. These reflect the greater choices of the Macrocosm of Source, Universe, and Galaxy, but let us focus on our local neighborhood for the moment.

Our accelerated timeline provides strong support for action in alignment with the New Light. This continues throughout the Shift, however the recent timeline jump may be giving you the go, go, go for creative activity. Simultaneously, we have a few very physical effects of the timeline acceleration.

Golden Race DNA Template Activation

Templates stored as holographic imprints within the planet were amplified during this timeline jump of last October. Technically, they activated during the Eclipse-Blood Moon gateways which began last March, and continue through September 2015. The Eclipse-Blood Moon gateways act like a sieve for energies, each gateway getting shorter, more precise, more focused on seeking and finding prepared vessels for Divine HUman Golden Race embodiment. These templates now serve as a grid system, working in harmony with the 5D/6D crystalline grid. It is yet another support system for our Ascension to a more multidimensional DNA.

Pliable Time Dynamics and Creativity

Time, as movement through layers of light, affects our collective experience. It establishes parameters for our dimensional bandwidth. As we accelerate to a higher dimension, our experience of time becomes more pliable as our vibrational rate increases. Time seems to speed by, then crawl, and sometimes disappear altogether. That has been going on for a while, however there may be dramatic shifts in your perception of time.

Remember that as we engage with higher layers of future possibility, we rewrite our past possibilities. It all gets very harmonious as we create and re-create our personal and planetary timelines. You see this in your own life-stream as you process and clear emotions; expect to see this on a planetary level as we move through the last passages of the Shift.

Part of this time pliability includes a sense of non-attachment, as if anything we are inspired to do may not manifest at all, or simply is not needed. It can make the creative flow feel futile; as if the creation is done already, yet it is not manifest in form. The layers of possibility stimulate our creative ideas, yet the Unity consciousness aspect gives us the sensation that it is already accomplished because someone, somewhere has created it already. It may be multidimensional you, or another being on the planet.

We are harmonizing as One, morphing our ideas and creations in alignment with the New Light in the Now. Have fun with this. Alignment with Divine Flow brings blessed creations with ease; missed opportunities or forcing a direction can cause suffering. You may have noticed your Higher levels encouraging creative activity. The purpose is to align and actively engage with your true Creator-In-Carnate self.

Revelation. - This may apply to health issues, personal issues, emotional wounding, relationships, or revelations from others. Accept all of it, rewrite your beliefs and behavior to align with the truth, and do not delay processing/clearing anything that comes up. You have to feel the revelation in order to release the old experience and move forward, as opposed to looping in past beliefs or behaviors.

Planetary Detox - As always we support the detoxification of the planet, kingdoms, elementals and HUmanity with our own personal dedication to detoxifying and honoring our bodies, energy fields, thoughts, emotions, homes, land, community, all that is. Respect and bless all the elements within, especially water which plays a vital role on this planet.

Micro to Macro: Accelerating Disclosure

Timeline acceleration includes an acceleration of disclosure and reevaluation of monetary systems. It is quite foolish to wait for dark team players to reveal anything. The participation of grounded teams with the higher realms in creating new systems which serve all of Humanity will provide a best-case-scenario for disclosure. The levels of forgiveness, compassion, and divine neutrality upon this planet compliment our progress. We need to have critical mass which agrees with disclosure on all levels; micro and macro.

Most of us understand that a radical change in monetary systems and the reevaluation of currencies upon this planet – especially in the US – will be a challenging passage. The higher realms appeal to those who carry the New Light of service and clarity: Please assist the progress of disclosure by applying the micro-to-macro dynamics. Think Global, act local. Remember this isn’t confession energy (not good or bad), it is simply speaking your truth with transparency.

Some prompts for personal disclosure: What can you disclose in your own life-stream?

What secrets do you still keep hidden from others? Is there a last hand waiting to be revealed from you?

Can you express your fears?

What can you share openly to reveal your true self to those around you?

Can you be transparent with your personal ideas about money, government, ETs, or personal issues, or do certain areas of your life stay hidden because they would cause injury or embarrassment? Why would you expect others to do that, if you cannot?

How forgiving are you of others, or yourself? Have you attained Divine Neutrality?

The energy of personal revelation is needed to trigger disclosure. Start a trend, employ this energy flow. This is not about forgiving others, it is about accelerating the momentum of disclosure. Share openly, honestly, with integrity, love and in service to all. It energetically supports those in roles of leadership – government, finance, corporations – who have the challenging task of disclosure at hand. Even one small revelation of truth to a friend can support this energy. That’s you revealing you to another person; acting as the microcosm of large organizations coming forward and revealing the truth.

Reevaluate your own interests: Are they in alignment with the highest interest of the planet, humanity, kingdoms, elementals? Face the fear of disclosure in your own life-stream in order to support a quickening of those dynamics on a planetary level. Everyone is involved in disclosure; it is not us versus them. Disclosure and reevaluation have been delayed by the collective decision to hide secrets or tell half-truths.

Light-ground *coming out* speeches for your government representatives or key players. How would you present what needs to be said? How would you infuse those words with compassion, in the highest interests of all concerned? What revelations could come to light without creating chaos? Try this, it is a great exercise in Divine Neutrality. Write it down, share it. It creates the energy of movement toward disclosure, and ideas for how to handle the fallout.

Those of us working alongside the higher realms understand that we are creating the most complimentary Shift for everyone. We understand that the idea of change is still very scary to most of the population. Change this energy. Shift the collective consciousness to revelation, disclosure, and reevaluation of systems, by actively choosing to reveal your own truth, personal truths, engaging in acts of forgiveness and personal clemency.

New Paradigm Alignment

As we enter the holiday season, be sure to align your purchases, activities, and social interactions with the new acceleration. Money is energy, and maintains a powerful vibration for many upon this planet. When this energy is applied with positive intention, it Shifts the flow to a higher vibration.

Send this positive energy – your vote, your agreement – to services and products in alignment with the New Paradigm. It not only aligns you with Ascension, it assists the collective Ascension and raises the vibration of our planetary consciousness. It is very important to demonstrate your agreements in a physical, light-grounded way as this higher timeline acceleration anchors into our collective consciousness.

All of those in service to the New Light and understand the responsibility we have taken on. That choice is our strength, let us demonstrate what we have learned and earned through the Shift.

In Love, Light and Service,
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