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St. Germaine - “The Flow of Money Is The Opening Of Energies”

'Prepare For Change Group' Channelling

Glendale, AZ On 11-24-14

St. Germaine, Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” Greetings all, this is Ashira. And actually you have a surprise visitor today who is visiting your group and wishes to speak with you. This one has spoken through James before but chooses to use this channel this day.
“St. Germaine”

Hello, my friends, my brothers and my sisters. This is the one known as St. Germaine. Yes, it gives us pleasure to utilize various channels and while we have found James wonderful when sharing our energy it was decided to come through this one today.

What I would like to address with you today are the questions that all of you have on the tips of your tongues about the St. Germaine Trusts and all of the funds that are to come through. What I want to share with you today is to talk about this in terms of energy. Talk about this in terms of energy as it ties into the rain that you have meditated and prayed upon today in this group and in groups all around the world.

The flow of monies is nothing more than the opening of energies. And yes, while it is very (as you say) 3D in its expression it is much more a spiritual value, a spiritual gift. It is something that has been planned for many hundreds of years even thousands of years as one would go back into the history of this planet. And yes, it is time for these to unfold in your existence. But as this group strives to look at things through spiritual eyes not only through the world’s eyes, we thought it was a good time to share with you today more of a concept of funding through consciousness and energy, exchange of energy.

For as you have been told, the exchange of energy, the free-flow of funds and prosperity upon this planet will take you to a new height in terms of expression of energy, of trust, of self-worth, of self-reliance. Because all of those who have been your “masters” in terms of loans and banks and credit cards and other oppressive debts will be gone! And as that is gone you will be able to celebrate and celebrate you shall. And all of those who come to share with you will raise you in your vibrations upon this planet in joyous ways.

This concept of free flowing money, think of it as free flowing energy that will benefit all. Free flowing energy in your homes. Free flowing energy in those parts of your world that do not have energy. Think about it as rain flows freely around the world as the Mother continues to heal herself, as her climate continues to change. Yes, sometimes it seems to be out of balance as these storms that hit the Northeastern part of your country this week and buried YOU in snow. Yes, it is burying YOU as well because you are aware of it and because you are one with all upon the planet. You may sit comfortably in your seventy degree vehicles this week and yet know that your brothers and sisters are experiencing a plethora of snow.

And it is all energy! It is energy that is flowing freely! And this rain that has been called forth in the State of California, you WILL see the rain fall and it will be another signifier that it is the time for energy to be flowing freely, the energy of love, of consciousness, the energy of water and resources.

and yes, the energy of money and the energy of riches. Not riches for a few but riches for all. And with the free flowing of riches you see that ALL will be blessed with opportunities for health, opportunities for freedom, opportunities for supplies, opportunities for food for all. Opportunities for heaven on Earth! And is that not what you seek and what you hope for?

What is the Ascension process? What is that Ascension meaning? What is Ascension? It is the love that spreads throughout the planet that creates good for you all. It gives you opportunities for all, building new, creating new, being new!

While there are those waiting for the funds to be opened, you and those who are hearing these words and seeing these words upon the paper will know that it is meant for so much more and is meant to be seen in a much bigger picture than just money in the bank. For even the banks will be changed! All is in change. All is in change and all is for opening the gates of heaven to freely have the energy of love light flow around the planet. To wipe the planet free of any dark corners and to bring joy and thanksgiving to all.

This is my message today. That you might take this forth and know in your hearts that this is gifting for all and all is balancing, all is renewing, all is coming into this new era of creation and giving you the opportunity with your creative energies and your creative eyes and your creative spirits to seed all of this for all upon the planet. We are all here with you. Working with you beside you and cheering you on. So again, with merriment and love and so much joy, I bid you adieu, my brothers and sisters.


I am Ashira. There is so much joy in that voice, is there not? And the playfulness within his soul is such a great joy to witness. He comes into the room and shares that beautiful violet light of transmutation with each of you. And as he moves around the circle KNOW that even those who are far away, he touches you. He takes that torch, that lamp of his, and touches you. You feel this moving through your body. This transmutational light changing any corners of darkness that still may be there giving you a light to pass on to others in this world today. He is touching you deeply with his joy and his love and his energy.

What I wanted to address this day is to have more conversation on the “Event” and the Ascension process. You spoke about this in the group last week and we felt called to talk about this again a little more today. For this process, this Tsunami of Love, as so many have called this has been washing over all upon the planet since early this year. We have shared thoughts about being at the ocean as this Tsunami of Love sweeping up to you, to your feet, your ankles, your calves and it sweeps over your body. All of this has taken place in very individual ways as it does at this very moment.

The “Event” that you discussed last week you expect that it will take place in very individual ways as well. Shining within and then expressing without. And yet there is still a portal of time and an experience to be had for all upon the planet for it has been deemed so. And this will be something that is recognized all at the same time for this is this evolution of consciousness, this jump, this quantum leap that some have spoken about.

And while there are those that think that quantum leap takes 10, 15 or 50 years we say no. This energy has been building and building and has affected every one of you in different ways and will continue to be an individualized experience. However, there is a singular experience that does provide that quantum leap for you at the deep cellular level that changes the DNA that has been inching along as a snail but now will take a hare’s leap into the future. This will move all to their greatest ability; their ability to hold the light, their ability to understand and their ability to incorporate the energy and the signal into their being as it is now.

Subsequent to that there will be the visitations from your Galactic brothers and sisters and from those of us in Inner Earth. Subsequent to that then you will have other opportunities for coming into greater balance with that which has been called Light Chambers, Healing Chambers, with those who will be working with Ascended Masters and with others. There are those who will be able to walk happily into the future in crystalline bodies but there are those who will be working through this for weeks and even months to come.

This quantum leap will take place in a stroke of a moment. We do not want you to let go of that concept and that understanding. What you do and what each of your brothers and sisters do upon the planet when that stroke happens is totally up to their individual lives experience because we are, you are, they are all “free will” beings. And so it is up to each one’s own life contract and experience what steps they will take after this occurs. This is the key moment for the dropping of the weapons and all of the things that are occurring that you talk about and see. For the world will never be the same after this.

Ascension is a process. For some, it is a momentary process, “poof” there they are! For others it is a continued process of releasing and letting go. For you in this room have known about this and have been going about your work, examining, releasing, letting go, being reminded to let go of guilt, forgiving one’s self, forgiving others in your lives. For being the Being that you are in this room and at this time.

But others have not had that opportunity. Others will still be holding on to those bags or baggage. You will have a small purse yet and they may have three bags they are pulling behind them.

Part of what will happen is that there will be a change in the understanding and the parameters that you have discussed earlier this day. And with the change of religious beliefs so many of those bags can be left behind but there are many who will be afraid to let go of their beliefs because they will not know what to replace them with.

There will be roles for you. These are roles you have said you would step forward into, to help, to explain. To walk forward and to assist those who are now ready. And yes, there are those who will cling to their very fundamentalist beliefs whether they be Hindus, Christians, Jewish people or Muslims. All of these people, all of these people have firm beliefs as do so many even who have a belief in nothing. But with this change that takes place at the quantum level those beliefs will be ready to be shaken. When the Ascended Masters speak forth, when they can be heard throughout the world that too will pierce deeply into the hearts of those who have kept the four walls in front of them and around them.

This is not for you to be concerned about my friends for it is part of what the giant whole plan has been about. It is getting those all of you, each of you, to the point where you can let go and move forward into this glorious new world.

If you listen to the news and you watch the news it seems as if nothing is happening. And yet when you look at those things which have been happening over the past several years; those of power who have stepped down, those who have abdicated roles of power in their kingdoms and their countries, when you look at the Pope who was forced to resign, when you look things that you never thought would happen, this world has been changing gloriously! Call forth the light to see the light across the planet. That is your power. Call forth the light and should you see moments of darkness send the light in! You are powerful Masters and you are here to do this work.

So this is our message for this day as well as that from our dear brother, St. Germaine shared with you. These are times to stand fast. And to know that everything has been coming to the surface and we have been talking about the game of Dominoes for so long. And if you could but see that three of those Dominoes have been pushed forward and that the rest of the world is seeing those Dominoes topple now. It will bring faith. It will bring greater trust and it will bring the New World into being even more quickly.

I leave you this day. I thank you. I bless you. Namaste.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Time is speeding up, is it not? But it is it really time? It is frequency. You must continue to look at all of these things that are happening, as Ashira has said, these things are happening. These Dominoes are beginning to fall. And you yourselves have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Because you have been working in this respect for some time now. Working on these different parts of yourself that have lain dormant for a very long time, such as your Pineal Gland.

All of these things are happening and you have been preparing and training. Yes, you have been training. You have been training not only in this lifetime but in many lifetimes, now to come to the point you are arriving at and you are arriving at that point. If you look at many of the different things that are being said in your media and in your alternative media, if you look at those things that are being said they are different you might say from what has happened in years past. And you can begin to see the signs, as Ashira said, the Pope resigning, all of these things that are occurring.

This is going to speed up even and as it continues to speed up and even more things begin to happen, there will be more of these so called dominoes falling and there will be no way of not seeing that there are many changes happening as all will begin to see these things. This is what we have been talking about for some time now. All the various sources have been saying this. You yourselves continue to wonder, “Well, when is it going to start?” We can tell you it has already started and has been ongoing for some time now. It is just that you are looking from your three dimensional eyes still.

You are not looking from the higher vibrations and we know this is difficult for you to do for you have been trained to look through physical eyes all the time and to see what is in front of you. Otherwise you might bump into something because you are not looking. But we are telling you to close your physical eyes and see what is really there. Begin to know within yourself that these changes are happening. And all that has been predicted, all that has been said will come. It is here now.

And you yourselves are Masters. You have heard this before. We heard earlier conversation about the Jedi and yes, we nudged the James that you ARE Jedi Masters already! You already are working with the light. You already have your Light Sabers. It is just not showing in terms of a sword in your hand. But what does Archangel Michael carry but a sword? A blue sword of light and love. You see? And you, yourselves, carry this. If not a sword a Light Saber or whatever you wish to call it. It is something you can move through, into your continuing mission here and have the “weapon” you need to succeed in all that is coming. You have been trained. You have been working on this.

Now allow for it to come to fruition completely and you will be amazed how the time will REALLY begin to speed up and the next thing you will know, there will be ships landing. There will be those of you entering the ships. There will be those of you who will be going into Inner Earth, Hollow Earth and Telos. All of this. And you will be seeing the angels and Archangels. Not in your visions or your imagination but they will be real, they will be there!

All of this is coming, my friends. Just be patient a little while longer. And all will reveal itself in its frequency.
Do you have questions here for “One Who Serves”?

Question: I’ve had migraines for 25 years but this past year I have had about 28 debilitating migraines a month. I have tried everything. Do you have any insight you can give?

Yes. As we can find it here, in many aspects of this type of thing beyond the so-called Ascension symptoms and these types of things, there are those people who have headaches just because they have headaches. Or migraines or whatever and it is not so much because of what is called Ascension symptoms.

But no that these things have a source, a reason for it, and from your point of view you would look back, not in this lifetime but in past lifetimes and see where the source comes there. All of these types of things, especially a migraine headache that continues, not something that comes once in a while, but that continues on and on and has no seeming source that you can see, for it is an energy blockage from past pattern, past time. You carried this past pattern with you. It is why you moved into the area you found yourself in working in the security field. It is a pattern that you brought in. The idea that you have moved away from that security and think you have broken the pattern but not completely.

We wish to address the other question you asked of the James. He asked you to ask in the group. Would you like to hear about the Archons?

I would be happy if you would share this, yes.

The Archons are not physical in the sense that you know them. They can be physical and they are mostly multi-dimensional beings that come here and take control in many aspects, of what you call the Cabal. Although some of them are part of this Cabal. And they have been the ones that have been orchestrating you might say, the dark side of things for some time now. They are diminishing. Many of them have been asked to leave very forcefully you might say and they have vacated the premises in terms of those particular dimensional experiences they found themselves in.

They are continuing to have influence in some respects but only under what would be considered their minions that have answered to them for some time. But as their numbers dwindle or the number of their minions, those you would call the Cabal in physical form, are not having that connection any more to continue their sustained efforts they have been working on for some time now. Is this understood?

Question: What word would you give to other lower dimensional beings that have a soul but not a spirit but are either attached to karma cords or influence or exacerbate say, “Man’s inhumanity to man?”

We have called this particular thing the “dweller at the threshold”. That one that is within each individual being on the planet. And this “dweller at the threshold” comes from thought patterns over a very long period of time. It begins to grow and have more and more meaning in that person’s life as they give it more meaning. They add thoughts to it and make it more and more real and it becomes so. And when it becomes more real in a person’s life it begins to take over in many respects. And that one makes a connection to those called the Archons and begins to draw that individual further and further toward the dark side you might say.

This is the same thing as the “spark of darkness” within us. It can be called the “Devil within” as well. It depends on what standpoint you look at it.

Question: I am familiar with the “dweller at the threshold” that is made of thought forms. Would you say that behavior reinforces that character?

Behavior and desire as well as intent. The desire and the intent come from the individual and from the patterns we spoke of earlier. They bring in from other lifetimes at a subconscious level.

Question: We think that something is influencing us from the outside when many times it is part of us. How does one become conscious that it is within them and that they have the power to overcome that?

Through awareness. Through continuing to become aware of who you are and what you are here for. To move beyond the patterns, move beyond the programming you have had. Many of the tools that you have been given can be used. You can use books that you read. Those things you find in Internet. You can find help with crystals, working with crystals. There are many different tools at this time. Many being given such as this tool that is being used as channeling. All of these things are helping others to become aware and awakened to who they are.

Some are looking outside of themselves and putting the blame there in terms of, “The devil made me do it.” And things of this nature. But those of you who are aware know there is no devil outside of yourself. It is always within. You are always fighting the dark side of self and it is always going between the dark and the light but those who become more and more aware begin to move more fully to the light and those who move fully toward the light begin to move up in vibration as well. As you move up in vibration you know what comes next! That is the Ascension process.

As you move more towards the light the other beings cannot influence you anymore.

Question: Sometimes when I am going to sleep I am noticing bad thoughts coming forward. Is this me noticing this and allowing it to come forward for release?

Yes. Just the simple fact that you are noticing the thoughts and becoming aware of them and knowing that you can stop them is very big. This is a strong movement toward the higher vibrations for yourself.

Question: Can you give me the definition of an auric continuum?

Not so much not necessary but it is coming to you and you alone at this point and you are having that particular idea and concept coming to you because of who you are. and where you come from. And that is different for many who are here and would be reading these words. And you, yourself have resonated to this concept because it is you and resonates to you alone in this aspect.

There would be very few individuals on this planet who would have any concept as to what you are speaking of. Beyond the scope at this point.

Question: I have been visualizing the Agarthan Collective, the Arcuturian and the Red Dot Man. They had me sit on a red velvet carpet. They said they were aligning together to bring me forward in my understanding. Am I getting that correctly?

You must understand that when you have these meditations and all these things, new ideas, new concepts come to you, they are coming to you for a reason because of your background and your particular understanding that you are bringing into this lifetime. And as these things come in they increase awareness as to who you are. So to say whether it is real or not is not the important thing. The important thing is that you are hearing it. You are experiencing it and now the important thing is to go with it. You see? We cannot tell you yes or no. We do not work this way. You have the understanding as to whether it is right or not for you. It is very real!

Question: I have a question about what St. Germaine said and I may not understand it. Something about money being a spiritual thing or concept.

In many respects you can look at it this way because it is energy. And this is what he was saying. It is energy. It is energy in motion. Energy in movement. As this energy continues to be in flux, in movement, it certainly is a spiritual thing because it is increasing vibrations as it does so. You see?

That is what he was referring to as “those” cultures as you were saying that are continuing to use money as an energy exchange. This idea on many has been a long time here, working here in this culture for a very long time. It cannot be eradicated overnight. It is a process that is going through.

We can tell you as the frequencies continue to rise, as the Ascension process occurs, more and more completely the idea or need for money will lose its significance entirely. And eventually there will be absolutely no need for it whatever. But it is a transition period that is in the process of happening here and through this process of transition there will still continue to be a need of money exchange at this point.

We can tell you when you have the transcription you can read it and you will know more fully what he was speaking of here.

Question: I heard someone say that if we were holding foreign currencies that it would not have value. Can you explain that?

There are two ways of looking at money. You can look at it in terms of power, in terms of having more than someone else. That is what has happened here on this planet. That has been the pattern that has been created here.

Or you can look at it the way those of us are looking at it now. From our vantage point we see it as a way to create balance and to bring balance into the planet. And to utilize this idea of money to circulate to all individuals. If all individuals have it, it loses it power. You see?

If there are no further questions we are going to release channel here. And in this next time you find yourself just previous to your advance, the Sananda is going to be here next week. And he will be sharing more about the advance and what is expected not only at the advance but the levels of expression the Lightworkers are finding themselves at this time.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
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