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‘The Collective’: A Message to Lightworkers


 Via Caroline Oceana Ryan On 10-31-14

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the chance to speak with you this way today, on this Hallow’s Eve, which dawned damp but bright in many places in the world this morning.

We know you are many of you still caught in the throes of dealing with residual human states of consciousness, as part of the cleansing and as some call it, the “purging” of the old so that there may be room for the new.

The new and higher energies require this release, and the sometimes trying time of letting go of the familiar if painful and tiresome lower energies that have kept many millions caught in cycles of loss, regret, bitterness, low intent and ongoing negativity for millennia.

You are no doubt cheered by the news that much is occurring in your governments and other human-made structures that will re-structure and reorganize your daily living in unprecedented ways, to unprecedented levels.

It is not only that the outer forms are changing, now that the old corrupt structures in banking, healthcare, government, religions, education and commerce no longer suit the new Lightwork and higher energy grids of the New Earth.

It is that your inner consciousness is beginning to grasp that inner change is the only change to be sought after, and the only change there is.

Yes, you have outer conditions that trouble you. Perhaps there are debts you wish to clear, and extra body weight you wish to release and transmute. Perhaps there are aches and pains, some minor and some very troubling and worrisome.

Perhaps there are children or grandchildren who seem out of control, whose days run with a purpose and an energy that feel to be counter to your own, and which you would desire for them.

 And certainly there is the unending question of what shall become of you as you age, as you weaken and can no longer carry on with the often exhausting and depleting responsibilities you fulfill now, merely to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, and the wolves from the door.

Dear ones, we see these struggles, and we are aware of your worries and your pains, while you take on the added responsibilities of dealing with the lower energies passing through and out of your energy bodies, never to return.

And we would say that your courage has been great, and that we applaud your bravery for having willingly come to the Earth at this time merely to aid in anchoring the new energies and higher Light of the new era, and to aid in the construction of the New Earth, both outwardly and energetically.
Your climb has been steep. In some cases, it has been unrelentingly so.

And yet you have persevered, and continued on. And that is what you must do now also, though you struggle to adapt physically and emotionally to the higher energies, and to leave behind the residuals of many hundreds of past Earth lives, and the effects of the roughness of the past in this particular Earth life.

You must look up—literally, into the night sky (or day), and understand that you are not alone.
Envision the angels that surround Earth now and intone their great song, to aid in the increase in vibration of the very ground, air and water itself.

Understand that though our presence is cloaked, it is nonetheless here, in the form of ships gathered round your planet in the trillions, leaning forward now as we all are, in excited anticipation for what is about to transpire.

For as we have said to you often, you aid now not only the Ascension of the Earth, but of your entire Universe, and this is a great moment.

A great moment as well for your own souls, and for the Mother/Father God whom your Universe returns to.

We would encourage you, in these final moments before the corner is turned, as you head fully into the Golden Age, to not work quite so hard.

We would encourage more song, more dance and more laughter—and the ability to forgive yourselves for what you perceive as lack of any kind, including lack of forgiveness for your own and others’ words and actions.

Many are caught in the conundrum of being harsh with themselves as anger and bitternesses rise to the surface, so they may be released.

Many are feeling that these feelings are of a lower energy vibration, and ought not to be experienced.
And yet we assure you with great Love and the Light of our own souls, that they are coming forward so they may be released.

Far from taking up permanent residence or determining your vibration, they are the mud rinsed from the vessel before clear, pure water can be poured into it.

And so allow these moments, spurred on by eclipses, Mercury retrograde, moon phases and Earth changes.

Allow the cleansing its place, for it serves a great purpose.

And look up from where you are, to a great Peace and a great Wisdom, which will in turn move you to the fuller realization of the great Love that is yours.

Namaste! We are with you, and are ready to join in your celebration!

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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