Monday, November 24, 2014

November 25-26-Leveling Up

Channelled By Sandra Walter On 11-22-14

Blessings Beloveds,
A brief update: November 25 – 26 is our next wave of amplification. Gatekeepers, we are opening today (you may be feeling this already).

Focusing on revelation and an easy, graceful veil-lifting in the highest interests of all concerned. Harmony, Balance, Ascension.

Notes on the Disclosure Acceleration Intention

Our intention with the disclosure tool (see the last article) is to use our unified actions to create an energy which accelerates harmony, freedom and the Ascension for everyone, in the highest interests of the planet, kingdoms, elementals and Humanity.

Transparency is simply willingness to participate in co-creation with an open heart. I have never felt a sense of isolated Ascension; the process is not just about me, what I have attained, my own Ascension. Rather I feel the choice of Source to Ascend a collective into Unity Consciousness. There is power and peace in unified intent, we have proved that over and over. This passage feels like the next step; a true Leveling Up of our skills.

Some say unified intent does not matter; they have chosen to disconnect from the outside world as they go deeper inward. That is their choice and I honor all paths to enlightenment, both unified and isolated. For me, the path is together, heart to heart, to explore the Shift in Consciousness and create the highest possible outcome for everyone.

There have been, and continue to be, many passages of inner work to attain unwavering unconditional love. In the past, inner peace was all an incarnation could offer us. This passage offers us Ascension and a dimensional Shift, so the possibilities become much more expansive.

There are still many options for how the final moments of the 5D Shift can unfold. I choose the brightest experience, moment to moment, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Tools or exercises in co-creation like the Micro-to-Macro disclosure acceleration are presented as training for Unity consciousness, like a warm-up for the big energies of 2015 coming our way. It may show us what we are capable of; the power of unified intent applied in new ways. Just like Ascension itself, participation is a personal choice.

The disclosure tool also demonstrates where our belief systems are in regards to fear of big change, our capabilities, or remnants of spiritual ego. Sometimes lightwork can expose how fatigued we are by the new energies, or if we have allowed the externally-influenced mind to override the heart along this path. Divine neutrality is a learned skill which takes practice, until the tipping point on our journey when service becomes our pure existence here.

It may seem like a simple heart-exercise in discernment, light-grounding and neutrality, however I feel it is training us how to fix larger issues from a higher, more creative perspective. At minimum, it demonstrates our willingness to experience less linear, more high-vibe outcomes as they present. If light-grounding (writing it down, performing a grounded action) is not your thing, perhaps a visualization of peaceful, joyous revelations could be your contribution.

Creation Busy-ness

There is such a high amount of creative ideas flowing in, and yet the sense of completion is also there. Not a sense of futility, not a no longer applicable message, just this inner sense of here-and-not-here. It is a side-effect of the Ascension-specific energies.

I have no unfinished business or wish I would have finished that regrets. How blessed to feel that divine peace of a good incarnation. I also know that adjustment phases have been consistent through this Shift, so the finished sensation may be a passing phase (for a whole year now). I keep whittling at the new creations with enthusiasm, patience and contentment.

There is a sense of heightened non-attachment that comes with this timeline jump; that term seems to have taken on a 5D meaning, as opposed to the cliche. Anything could happen. I feel absolutely ready for a new level of the unknown. It is not that I don’t care what occurs, I don’t carry what occurs here anymore.

What a pleasant and powerful year of revelation this has been. Leveling up means so much more than it used to. I AM deeply grateful to share this experience with all of you.
Blessings upon our Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


To read this message in its original form, please visit: Sandra Walter: Creative Evolution-November 22, 2014

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