Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ego-Trippin' With the Sphinx


Channelled By Petra Margolis On 11-7-14

It is your ego that made the choice to incarnate, to experience and explore this world of wonders, madness, excitement, and so much more.

More important the ego made the choice to explore the physical experience of the human body.

The ego is not just part of the human it is a part of your whole being, it is the part making many decisions.

As a human the ego has a limited view and decisions are based upon that.

In spirit, decisions made by the ego are based upon an unlimited view and this is what made you, what made you incarnate upon earth at this time and many other times.

Before the matrix, during the matrix and probably after the matrix.

Many would think it is sacrilege to think that advanced beings would have such a thing as ego, as in the human world the ego is related to many negative connotations.

In spirit it is a part of the consciousness that is used to make choices.

The ego has lowered itself into the human reality and can be restored into its full glory as the decision or choice maker it in reality is.

Think about this as you ponder the many reasons of being here within a human body in a reality that seems to undermine most of what you belief, think and want to be.

Think about that as you ponder what you can be, could be, or maybe even should be as a human within this reality

The sphinx speaks

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