Friday, November 21, 2014

Cabal-Busting By The Divine Mother And One Who Serves

“Divine Mother” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)

“Divine Mother”
Greetings, my beloveds. I am the Divine Mother. What a wonderful choreography, Miss Ginny. Thank you for inviting this beautiful energy in this room.

Breathe deeply of this blue energy that I come into this room with. You may smell the scent of roses. Feel the peace and tranquility that my entry brings to you.

I come today to speak of love. And the question earlier from James was, “What if the cabal was not present?” And indeed, as you have been speaking about for many months now, the Ascension HAS taken place. And what is it that continues to block your vision for this beautiful event? We would share with you that it is this world that keeps you locked in balancing right from wrong, dark from light. We have urged you to see Oneness. To see all as a part of the play as was so rightly brought up earlier (today).

We love when we are close in the room; all of us in service to you and you listen to our words as spoken to your ears and bring the points up in the conversations. These are Divinely led conversations with intent to prepare you for the messages of the day. Ashira has spoken of this and I speak of this today.

A couple of weeks back you were told that the Cabal had a different intent. Not right or wrong but operating under a different belief system. And each week we continue to move you along the path, those of us who share with you and speak with you. To help you to continue to help you to grow in this “Oneness” understanding.

Think back, all of you in the room when you first became aware of affirmations. When you began to understand the importance of putting the right words out, of putting the right words in your mind, writing them down, repeating them, catching yourselves when you thought differently. When you became aware of the power of your words. Those were times of enlightenment for you.

We are here to continue to urge you away from the judgment of this 3D experience, of the “good” guys and the “bad” guys, of the drama of it all. If you could move but one fraction, one moment more into love into peace into understanding and compassion. If you could but erase the lines between “you” and “they” of the Cabal. For the more that they come into the language that you use, the more that you have thoughts upon their activities or give them responsibilities and power, the more you keep them in their power. When in fact we have told you that their time has passed. Still you keep the drama alive.

This is not meant to punish you in any way. It is merely a point of attempting to continue to teach you. Think back about the times when you thought about affirmations. Initially, the thought came into your consciousness that you could create a new life for yourself by incorporating affirmations. And to one degree or another you were successful. If nothing else you learned that whatever you focused your attention on was what you were able to attract. Maybe not in the moment or in a week or a month but your life gradually changed as you became more aware.

And that is the process that has been taking place since 2012 when many were disappointed that they did not awaken in the New World. And it was decided that all would go in the same time and place. The active imaginings and the intent began in earnest. For those who knew how to manifest and began to see that New World. There is no reason upon this Earth except for the duality, the polarity that is here in this drama, in this hologram, that you are not seeing that 5th dimensional life, that 5th dimensional living.

There are those upon the planet who are telling you that you must do this or you must do that or you must not do this or you must not do that. You must eat properly. You must listen to this teacher or that. You must go through this activation or that.

Dearest Ones, the Divine Father and the Divine Mother and all of those here in service to you, we accept you completely in this very moment for the perfect being that you are. There is no more work that has to be done. The work that has to be done is a change, a shift in your perception, your consciousness. A shift that will raise the frequency to give you new eyes, to give you new vision, to give you new opportunities for creating this world you long for.

Think of yourself as walking upon a beautiful beach. And it was a good experience. And you laughed and perhaps you touched your foot or your legs into the water. You picnicked perhaps. You had a day at the beach. And as you walk away from the beach and you move out of the sands there is sand that continues to stick to your skin and to your toes and to your feet. Maybe it sticks in other parts of your body too and it gets to be uncomfortable. And you look for a shower or you try to brush the sand off because now it is irritating.

Think of your experience here in such a way. That all of the fun that you have had, all of your experiences that you have had; now they cling like dried sand upon your skin. And you look for a way to wash them away. Wash those memories, wash those experiences. Wash those good and bad as you perceive them completely from your being. And you emerge that Christed Being, fully expressing your Christ Consciousness in Divine Love and Light. Your High Heart fully functioning with all experiences of joy and peace and everyone upon the planet feels the same way. The Tsunami of Love has been flooding in for months now striving to wash away the sand.

These are times that are calling for you to watch your thoughts. And shift them. Do you still take enjoyment from watching entertainment that shows the “good” guy and the “bad” guy? Do you still take time to read papers or pay attention to the news? And we would invite you to fully and completely be washed of this sand. To spend your days feeding your mind with beautiful music, beautiful environments, striving for beautiful relationships and joy with everyone you come in contact with.

These are the frames of references and minds that are creating the New World that are taking the blinders away from what you see and experience every moment of the day in the 3D illusion so that you can see more and more, that the New Day has arrived! The New Day is already here! The more you can stay in that frequency as the word is now used, the more you will understand that everything is in this moment at this VERY time and this VERY space. It is all for you NOW.

And we, all of those in service with you and to you are here to take your hand and move you out. This is why the idea of Ascension has seemed like you were going to be stepping from something into a grander plan. Moving from the heaviness and density of the third dimensional world into the fourth and fifth dimensional worlds.

You have been existing in the fourth dimensional world for a long time now. But again, it is not something you recognize until you see and you state to yourself, “I support the preponderance of unifying love messages, images, relationships and concepts in my life, moment to moment, day by day. And I share that understanding with all of those around me in this group, in my family, in my workplace and in my world.” For the more that you can do this the more the seeds will continue to grow upon the planet and the more you will find like-minded people who are living in this mindset.

Let go of the Cabal. Let go of dominating thoughts that there is control outside of you. Come to know yourselves as the powerful beings that you are. We have told you all that you are Masters. Step into that role. I invite you to step into that role fully and completely as your, “I AM”.

Last week was an interesting conversation you had in the group about being children as opposed to being Masters and as opposed to all of the other roles that you have played and are playing in your soul’s existence. We have moved away from calling you “our children” in conversations with you because we do not want to feed that part of your belief system. We strive to bring you into your “Master-hood”. We strive to bring you into your power.

We strive to encourage you to experience the power that you have that is beyond this single body, this single life, this single brain and mind that you have at this moment. To bring you into the power that you have with all your lifetimes past, present and future. To bring you into the power of using all of these talents and experiences to bring you into the power of creating that world that you are stating you are looking for to bring it into the NOW.

This group and many others have been a prime source of the seeds that have gone out into that unconscious part of humanity’s mass consciousness. This day, again, with this message and this shift we expect to see within each of you, for we have called it forth fully and completely. This will again be seeds that go forth into that mass consciousness. And that will be bring change upon the entire planet as well as change within each of you.

This has been our message today. We will not take questions today for we know this has already gone long. We bring you our greatest love, our greatest appreciation our greatest respect. WE know that we ask you to step into great shoes to move into this future but we know that you are fully capable of it.

That you have been called. Your alarm clock has gone off and this again is another level of that alarm telling you, “It is time!” Catch yourselves every time that you think a duality or polarity type of thought and bring yourself into unity consciousness and we will be there to support that.
Blessings to you with abundant love.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! This is “One Who Serves” here, those who are here to assist you in your continuing Mastership. This is certainly very important that you grasp this understanding. That you are not children. You are not in Kindergarten, as many say they are. Do not know where that came from. You are much more than this, as you are beginning, we hope here, to understand.

That you are so much more than what you appear to be when you look in the mirror. When you look in the mirror we want you to begin to see yourselves as we see you. Do this simple exercise. As you look in the mirror see yourself glowing. See a halo if you wish, around you or an aura of light around you. Know that this is the way we see you. This is the way you vibrate and when the time or frequency comes you will be able to telepathically understand another by their vibration. And you will be able to resonate to that vibration and to a like vibration. In other words you will find yourselves drawn toward those who are of like vibration to you. And not so much to others who are not.

You hear about opposites attract and that is correct within your illusion system here in your 3D world. That is not necessarily the way it will be when you have moved on into the higher vibrations for the higher vibrations will bring those together who are of the higher vibrations. And those that are a little bit lower vibrations will be aspiring to come to those higher vibrations and those who are at the higher will assist in terms of being a teacher in the way of being a mentor.

You see, you have been hearing that mentors are coming to you to assist you but you may not have heard that you are also assisting as mentors. That you will be mentoring to others. So, in many respects the mentorship program is including you! Did not know that did you?

Now we also wish to assist in the idea that in your guided meditation you are visualizing within your mind, you are creating within your mind, but we wish for you to understand that it is real. Those crystals that Ginny has spoken of, the twelve crystals, they are real. They have consciousness, they are beings within themselves. So know this! When you are calling to them. You are not calling to a rock. You are calling to consciousness. You are calling to a Being. Just as the Earth, Gaia, herself, is not a big rock! You see?

So, when you do these exercises and you will be doing them again and again not so much this same one but others ones as well, know that when you do them they are real, they are MORE real than the illusionary world you are in! You see? Come to understand this. As you come more and more to understand this it will become more and more real for you! This is important! The more real it is for you, the more powerful it becomes.

So as you are working with these crystals and lay lines and energy patterns and all these things, know that it is real. Know that when you travel by the speed of thought or you travel in any ways with your Merkaba Light Vehicle; know that you are doing so! Know that you are really going to these places and please understand that there are other places. It is much more than this single world you are in. There are many different worlds out there. Too many to even begin to fathom. You see?

So, let go! Let go and go with the flow and be in the NOW. Look for the future, yes for the future is going to be wonderful but the future is what you make it. Again, this is what you are going to have to understand. You are all, as a collective, creating your future. You are not only creating your own individual future, you are creating your collective future. You see?

When you are at the Advance, we have been giving little glimpses to the James here; you are going to be working with the Universal Mind. And that in itself seems imaginary as we have spoken of. So be ready for this and be aware. Most of all when you are doing these experiences be there within that experience. Let that experience take over you. Let it take you from this realm you call yourself everyday life and find yourself in the New World, the New Golden Age, that you are creating with every single thought that you have. That is quite a sobering thought is it not?

That is all we have here. Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves”?

We welcome those of the new ones here, very much so. You may not know it yet but we knew of your coming! You were guided in many respects. Does not mean that you need to keep coming that is up to you, it is a free will universe after all, but know that you are certainly welcome and if you continue to come, you will receive guidance. Not just from us but from yourselves.

Questions now?

Question: I am wondering how I can overcome fear that I felt when I received a “wake-up” call this week?

Have you heard the term before, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”? Do it. Go beyond it. Know that there is nothing behind the fear. What is the saying, “False evidence appearing real”? That is all it is! There is no fear except what you create in your minds

So, know this. As you know and grasp this, then those beeps and bumps that happen in the night, you will go and see what they are. Know that the mind is the builder here and it is creating this fear based on past circumstances, past lives and past experiences in this life in terms of many of the media and things that have portrayed life as fearful. Life is not fearful!

The question that was given to the James earlier that he asked the group, “What if the Cabal was not here? Where would you be?” You would be in higher vibration all the time for there would be nothing to pull you back down again.

But understand that the Cabal is also within you. It is not just an external force. It is a force within you. All have both sides within them, you see? Know this and when this situation comes up go with it, allow it and you will be amazed at what occurs from this.

Question: Are you saying we are part of the Cabal because of our fears that give them the power?

Yes, it is that but it is also that there is a dark side within each that was shown in your movie, “Star Wars”. You see? The force can take you either way. This is what is meant here and those that are of the Cabal have gone to the Dark Side. Does that mean that they cannot come back to the Light? Yes, they can. For what happened to Darth Vader at the end. Did he not come back to the Light in the end?

Can this not happen to others in your reality here? The more you forgive, the more love you send and light you send, the more will take that light and respond to it and embrace it and allow it to shift them, even a tiny little bit. But even that tiny little bit that they shift and move more and further into the light, it makes it easier to shift next time and the next time. You see?

And even if those who are still of the Dark Forces determine that they do not want the light, they do not want to be loved, even if they have determined this, at some point they all will return, even if it has to be that they are rejuvenated you might say. Do you understand this? Other questions here?

Question: I am grateful to be here. Are we getting closer to a physical manifestation in our lives?

Are you getting closer? You must ask yourself within yourself, are you getting closer? Are your vibrations increasing? Is your frequency rising? And if the answer to that is yes and you know it within yourself then you would have the answer there. In terms of when the vibrations have increased enough then the miracles and the magick begin to happen. Such as that which has happened for the Diana here. In her recent experience here.

Diana, what was said to you at the last Advance when you sat in the middle of the Star?

Comment: “Marvelous things are going to happen!” and they did!

The reason we are bringing this up, Scott, are you ready, you say you are ready and you say you have no fear but given the situation directly where they would appear to you, appeared exactly over your head and you had no question what they were, would there be an inkling of fear there or would your heart open up and would you embrace the experience coming?

Comment: I believe I would kneel down and give thanks.

Then that in itself would keep this from happening. Now we know this is difficult to understand here by the idea of praise, the idea of worshipping or putting yourself as lesser than would not allow this to occur.

Comment: I understand that. Gratitude within myself, I would be thankful to myself and to them and I would stand to greet them as an equal.

Yes. And open your arms and invite them! Open your arms and invite them. It may not happen tomorrow or the next day but it will. You are creating it within yourself and you are creating it with intention. It will be! It will happen and in the least expected moments. But it will happen. It may not happen in the way you are expecting it to happen. Do you understand this?

Question: When I saw the extraterrestrial I was a little fearful but now I would be more accepting. If I sent love would he have sent love back?

Yes. They respond to vibration. If you have a vibration of love, they respond to that likewise.

We will bring this up as it is apropos. James here, had some time ago, many years ago had an experience in his bed when laying there a light came through the window. He watched the light come through the window and stop at the end of bed. And he had been asking for some type of manifestation. What do you think he did? He started praying. He started saying, “Help me Father!” “Jesus”, “Somebody come and help me!” (Laughter) Do you think that light stayed there? No, it skedaddled out of there. So, if you are asking and it happens, let it be! You see?

Remember, always we are drumming this into you as much as we can. Believe. And then you will see! For if you do not believe, for the most part, those who do not believe will not see. They will not move into the Higher Vibrations at least not in the first waves as you call them or stages.

Question: I always have a vision of a home, a church or healing center, of people having plenty and soldiers putting their guns down. So, are these the kinds of visions you want us to have?

Yes. Certainly. Always and in all ways! Again, you are creating as a collective consciousness this world. As a collective consciousness you decided to wait until all the others were ready, to not leave a fallen comrade behind. You see? You are creating this Nova Earth, this New Golden Age.

Question: What is going to happen to those who are not awake?

Those that are ready, those that are moving on will move into the Higher Vibrations will be creating the world at that point. And those that decide to remain, to stay on in their illusion, they will have their world, their creation.

Just as all of you have created this 3 D illusion, this world that you are in, that you collectively created this. You created the debt structure and you created the buildings and you created the cars and the exhaust fumes and the use of oil and all of these things, you, as a collective have created this. This is the world you have created. Now is the time to create the New World. Just as you did the old.

Now you will have the advantage of being in the Higher Vibrations and not having lower vibrations pulling you down. You see? In many respects the lower vibrations are the memories you have, the programming you have been through. And those memories will fade away. As you look at your lives now, how many of you remember when you were 4 or 5 years old? Those memories have faded have they not? So too will the memories of this life that you have had even though you are still in the body, those memories will fade. Those lower vibrations that are associated with the memories will fade away. The chakras won’t fade away but they will not be as prominent anymore.

Those that are staying behind will not know where you are but you will know where they are. This is an aspect of continuing to assist. In helping those that have fallen and continuing to help them. You see, just as we are mentoring and continuing to assist you, you will have the opportunity if you wish, to assist those who are at the level they are at. You will be at the vantage point where we are.

Other questions here?

Question: Does that mean that we will be between the veil and the rest of the universe?

Please understand that as your vibration increases, vibration is exactly that, it is a frequency. As you vibrate faster and faster and faster, in the laws of physics here, you would disappear to those who are of the lower vibrations. You see? That is what is going to happen in many respects. Remember, this has never happened before and we do not know how it is going to be exactly. You have glimpses. We have glimpses too. We do not know everything. We know quite a bit but not everything. We would say, we know just enough to know that we don’t know everything. (laughter)

Question: Knowing that we were guided to be here. What is the message we are to take away?

That, my dear sister, is for you to determine. There can be many messages here. What is the one that resonates to you the most? This is what you want to look at, this is what you want to ponder after leaving here today. What was the message for me? And in doing it that way it will be much more for you than for us to say what the message is. Do you understand this? (Yes)

We love it when we hit it right on the noggin! (laughter)

Question: My son-in law came through a medium. I am not sure if my daughter is receiving his messages. Is there anything he really wants her family to know?

We will tell you this. If there is something he really wants to get across, he will get it across in some way. This is how we work! In terms, if there is a message we wish to give to you we don’t always come right out and say here is what you are going to do this week. We speak to the James and Susan here in terms of how you come to understand what you might be doing each week. You understand this, Susan? (yes)

And whenever there is a need for a message, who needs to get the message to you it will get to you in some way. It may be someone handing you a book and say, “Here, read this”. It may be someone telling you about a movie to go see or it might be someone on the street who says something to you or it may be more literally, a voice coming into your ear and saying listen to this message. “Now, hear this!” (laughter)

Question: I have a question about the veil. Was it created by our consciousness and if so, can we un-create it?

There are two answers to this question. You have created this veil but there are those that have assisted in creating the veil and putting you behind the veil. There are those forces at work, more in terms of extra-dimensional here, we are speaking of what you are calling the “Archons” and they created this quarantine on the Earth process here. When we say that you have created this veil as well as a collective, you have added to it over many lifetimes. So they created the framework for it and you all filled it in for them. You see? You can un-create this!

Yes, utilize a big eraser going across the sky wiping out the veil. PacMan, you see? Yes, seed it into the consciousness that there is no veil and “no spoon”. Did you get that one? In the “Matrix” movie, you see?

Question: I have a niece in the hospital that has extremely high blood pressure. Do you have any insight?

Whenever there is a question on healing and a question on how to help one having a difficult time let’s say. There is no perfect answer because you must look at entire picture here. Maybe this one is not wanting to be whole. Maybe this one has a contract to go through a certain portion that she needed to do here whether it is a karmic situation or not. It is a contract and if you interfere in that contract, are you really helping that one. Do you understand this?

That is a different question. How do I check with her Higher Self. Do that by speaking first with your Higher Self that can talk to her Higher Self. You can say what your wishes are to your Higher Self and the Higher Self of that one will either pay attention to your wishes or not. Contract involvement and karma here. What is better here?

Question: I ordered a book on healing before I left. That book is being delivered to her mother. Will it help my niece?

It goes back to what we were saying earlier. Messages come to you in different ways. Whether you tend to those messages or not is up to you. You see, you keep coming to this group you will see that we will not answer directly, we will not interfere, we will not step in and do for you what you can do for yourself. That is not the way we operate here. You see?

We know that there are many times that people want to say, “Just help us already. Tell us what to do”. We will not do that because we are not allowed to do that. Have you heard of the “Prime Directive”? Have you not? That applies here. We cannot interfere unless the situation allows for it. In many ways the situation does not allow for it. Now, as a group comes together here as a group consciousness, yes, we can come in and give all kinds of guidance but we can’t do it for you.

We would hope that you look at it as going within yourself. You see, the channeling process is to push you in a direction to call upon yourself. Not looking for some crazy voices like this to come through here. That is not the goal here. The goal is for each one to reach in and find the answers within yourself for they are already there. You are already Masters. You already have the answers. You see?

Question: I believe but I don’t know how to get from here to there. I believe we have been offered mentors and I ask for my mentor to come forth. Is my mentor close?

My friend, you have just done it! In your asking, you shall receive. In your seeking, you will find. In your coming to the group here is your seeking. And when you knock, it shall be opened unto you. When you believe fully, all the world will open up to you. We are speaking of the New World, the Higher Vibrational energies. You are in that process now and the more you have the attitude you have here now, the more you maintain this, the more you are assured you will move through the vibrational process of the Ascension. Do you understand this?

Question: Many people are suffering right now. Karma is supposed to have been completed. Isn’t it time for healing?

Yes. You are a part of that. Just in your being here and being a part of this, not only part of this group but being in a position that you ask for what you wish for, as you are asking it is occurring and as it is occurring you are in gratitude for having it occurred.

Must release channel now.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

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