Sunday, June 2, 2019

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Anon Posted to 4chan On 5-29-19

Link To Full Thread: Grossness alert...
I won't tell you who I am or where I'm getting my information and much of this post is going to be vague. Your opinion won't matter, I'm just giving this information to your poor half-chans because I pity you having to sift through the blatant shill BLACKED threads to find something of substance on this forsaken board. To re-cap if you haven't been paying close attention:

>The past two years we have been in a clandestine war the likes of which the world has never seen. This war has been waged using top-secret techniques and equipment; classified technologies, telepathy, remote viewing, and yes, time travel (but not in the way you're probably thinking).
Now let's talk about what coming the next two months.

>FISA declassification coming first week of June confirmed.
>Mass arrests to take place throughout the Month of June. This includes Hollywood, Music Industry, Politics, Media, Banking, Corporate hierarchies, and the like.
>The only weapon still in (((their))) arsenal is the media behemoth they've created over the past 80 years. This is the propaganda machine that's been turning since the fucking 50s and it's not going to be gone over night. Nor should we want it to. These arrests and dismantlings have to happen in a timely manner otherwise it was cause civil unrest

This will be rocky. Your friends and family will need you in these trying times. Do not be "that guy" who tries to shove it in their face that you were right the whole time. Be caring, be loving. Understand that for some, this is all going to happen in a month, whereas most of you have been diving down rabbit holes for years. Their entire reality is going to be re-written in a matter of weeks. I can't stress this enough.

Be loving, answer questions, don't be a fucking asshole. The Light is on it's way.

On July 4th we will celebrate and a huge reveal will take place. One that will shock the world and bring us all together in a way NO ONE thought possible. I would tell you anons, and believe me, I want too. But if I told you, mods would take the thread down because 4chan is compromised. Anyway, that's all for now, I'll stick around a bit to answer questions.

I use those terms in an overarching manner to describe much more complicated methods of using conscientiousness in ways you can't comprehend. To even begin to go into detail on it would take about an 8 hour lecture for you to understand the basics. It's complicated, anon. If you want to learn more, you can find plenty of YouTube videos that describe our fractal reality.

All I can say for now is that the offenders (cult members of Hollywood, treasonous politicians, etc) will be severely punished. But it will be public, I can assure you of that. As for numbers... 30,000+ and that's just the US. Other countries have a right to try perpetrators in whatever way they deem appropriate.

The world is about to experience a human renaissance that far surpasses anything we've ever dreamed of. Free Energy, Released Cures, and FULL disclosure on E.T. phenomenon/secrets of the universe.

As for Q:

Yes it's real. The real posts tie into Trump's official tweets, the rest are shills trying to discredit Q and give credence to shill that say, "OH YEAH, WELL Q SAID THIS WAS HAPPENING AND IT DIDN'T HAPPEN".

Q is absolutely real. Big revel July 4th after all of this goes down that will tie everything together in the most glorious manner possible. Maybe I should just tell. I've tried to make threads on it before stating exactly who/what Q is but thread gets nuked before it gets much attention.

As I said, first week of June = FISA declass

Same week the media empires will conglomerate on their last attempt to stun the public with outrageous announcements and debacles like UFO's. It will not work. They will fake a major UFO sighting that will go viral, they still have that capability, but declass will overshadow that and be the final nail in MSM's coffin.

There are many, many races of ET's. The Universe is a big place. They do interstellar travel via singularities at the center of stars (sun spots = vortex to center). They travel interplanetary using singularities of planets via volcanoes (same as sunspots, but for planets). Jupiter's Big Red Spot is the same thing. Energy generated at orbital bodies at ~19.47 degrees of lattitude IS the gateway that connects to the singularities of the universe. Ancients called ET's sun gods for a reason.

Oh I want to tell all of you so bad. But that would ruin the surprise.

Q is not Kushner. Q is someone you wouldn't guess in 1000 years if you had the time. It will be like the second coming of Jesus and that's not an exaggeration, anon. All hail Jesus Christ and God Bless America it's going to be amazing. When I found out I cried.

You've heard of him. He was a good friend of Trump.

Alright THIS is officially my last post of the night. It's just a picture I pulled off google, but it does the job without me saying it to trigger janny bots to 404 the thread. Have fun. It's real. It's happening.

I understand your hesitance but you don't need to be angry or fed-up with the world any longer, anons. We have won.

Tomorrow, go out into the world and be loving and kind. Think positive thoughts and ask for forgiveness in your solemn time alone. Take time to reflect on the mistakes you've made in your life. Every little thing matters and makes a difference. If you make no attempt to right your wrongs then how do you expect to grow?

Be selfless, loving, and forgiving, anons.

July 4th, 2019. The Return of the King. The 2nd Independence Day of the United States of America.

The Return of the Light.

May God Bless America