Monday, June 24, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-24-19

More Monday Maddness

Well, you can think of her as Dear Abby for Lightworkers; fun stuff inside ‘Dear Denise...:

This short and sweet post from Morag O'Brien is full of Starseed coaching and free of charge:

Jordan is back fulfilling his Mission to be a stand-out Galactic anchorman; sayonnara Ron Burgundy:

Sheeple husbandry at Organs-R-Us, eh? Trudeau's Canadian gov’t. showing it’s dark Cabal roots:

If you missed out on that Rothschild hunting lodge take note; good buys from bad guys in Mexico:

This comes from an un-vetted channeller but the message totally resonates my rockets; git sum:

The White Hats want Julian in US courts to submit damning evidence against [TD]; POTUS pardon:

Ol' Doc Mercola's got to singin' those Sugar Blues again. Mmmm Lawdy:

Multiple Mike is still doing PR for the Alliance (SaLuSa-ish); this one's pretty good; grok on:

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