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A Leap Of Magic Beyond The Continuum

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Posted By Jon Rappoport On 6-21-19

These are notes I made while preparing my collection, Exit From The Matrix, which contains over 50 exercises designed to expand imagination and creative power.

People assume their entire field of operation is "the continuum in which they live."  "Here is all the space and time there is, and I'm inside it."


The continuum is a kind of fantasy.  A myth. 

Subconsciously, people assume the continuum is WHATEVER THEY USE TO DEFINE THEIR FIELD OF OPERATIONS.

For example, suppose a person has an overriding problem he is constantly wrestling with.  Every day, every week, he nudges and massages and moves that problem around.  He pats it and kicks it and tries to push it and he seeks to move it out of the way.  He denies it and accepts it and contemplates it and forgets it and remembers it and feels it...

Well, that problem is defining his field of operation...and subconsciously he thinks of it as the continuum.

To get outside that conception, the person needs to experience a new kind of action.  A new kind of exercise.

Here is another analogy.  A runner runs around a track, day after day.  He runs that quarter-mile and he does wind-sprints on it and slower intervals.  He operates there on that track, that oval.  And ultimately, he is trying to shorten the amount of time it takes to go around the track.

Eventually, he reaches a limit where he thinks he's hemmed in.  He can't go any faster.

He needs to alter his relationship to the continuum, to that idea of the "best time" he can muster.

In a way, life is like that.  People do their best to get ahead---whatever that means to them.  They do it from the point of view that they are in a space operating according to certain rules and restrictions.

They need two things.  One, a new point of view.  And two, exercises they do FROM that point of view.

The painter, Odilon Redon, once wrote, "Artists who approach perfection do not have many ideas."

Translating that statement into my terms, it means: if you are operating within the continuum of your central myth, you will eventually reach a point where you are doing the best you can.  But it's not nearly enough... 

Physics itself will reach this place of blockage, as long as it keeps looking at the same space-time continuum in the same old way.  Atoms, electrons, quarks, waves, quantum entanglement, relativity-

How we conceive of our own energy is a major piece of the puzzle.  We tend to fall into habits, some of them barely noticeable.  For instance, we view our energy as circulating within us or around us or coming in toward us.

What would happen if we shifted these notions of energy---and we had exercises to back up this shift and make it real and powerful?

What if we decided we could create energy?  What if that idea became palpable and real?

What if we decided the space of the continuum was just "one version" of space, and we could imagine and invent our own space and then produce new realities of our own choosing?

Well, artists, since the beginning of history, have been doing all these things.  They've "jumped ship."  They've formed new assumptions about the continuum.

They haven't set limits.  They've gone beyond the notion that they're living inside "the only continuum."  They've gone beyond the idea that they can only inch their way forward inside the only continuum.

Conceiving a vision of your own future---where is that happening?  In what space?  It's happening in YOUR SPACE.  And then, as you work to make that vision into fact in the are COMING INTO THE CONTINUUM FROM OUTSIDE IT.

You're not inching forward as a creature trapped inside the continuum.

Someone who invents a new business---where is he doing that?  In his own space.  That's where the vision and the plan are happening.

In that realm, he or she, THE INDIVIDUAL, is the force.  The person's conception of Self is expanding. 

The small version is fading and going away.  The large version is appearing and taking center stage.

In ancient Tibet, before the theocracy entered the scene with all its baggage and ritual, there were schools and practitioners who realized all this and more. 

They were extraordinarily sane.  I would say they were the sanest people on the planet.  They practiced exercises designed to establish their pre-eminent imagination and creative power.  As individuals.

In 1961, I worked with a brilliant healer, Richard Jenkins, in New York.  He talked to me about the Tibetans.  One day, he said to me: You know how people say the artist creates his own world on the canvas?  That old statement?  Well, think about it.  Think about what it means.  Forget the word "art."  This applies to every person, no matter what they're doing.  You can invent your own world.  But it isn't just an idea.  You're going to put your world into this one we all share.  You have the power.  You just have to use it.  You're going to lay out your vision of reality and then make it fact in the world.  This doesn't isolate you.  It has the opposite effect.  You come into the world we all share, but you do it from a position of power.  Then your old problems vanish.  You have a new set of problems, but you can solve them creatively.  This is a new life.

Some 45 years later, based on that kernel of advice, I put together Exit From The Matrix.

This is why I keep writing about the individual.  This is why I differentiate the individual and the group.  This is why I keep analyzing and exposing the political movements that, behind their masks, want to promote and control groups.  And sideline and eliminate the individual.

I'm writing for the individual who can change his basic conceptions and invent all the energy he needs to "come into" the continuum with the vision of what he truly wants to invent, who has the power to invent it, who takes joy and satisfaction from inventing it, who understands first-hand the difference between that open and marvelous power and the grotesque power used to control others.  

Ultimately, and in the long term then, I'm writing for every individual who can change his own mind according to his own deepest dreams.

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