Sunday, June 2, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-2-19

Light Up The Grids!

Leftists Tremble As Trump Begins “Lincoln Road” Journey To Retake Control Of States;  Popcorn!

I love the strong connection our Indigenous Tribes have had with the Star People since forever:

This recent X-22 Report by Dave will be of special interest to members of the GESARA Tribe:

Tellin’ it like it is; yeah, I had a 'good education' and it's taken me years to recover from it:

This article is surely a harbinger of The End Times; the truth of junk food is going public:

We're now going deeper down the rabbit hole as Japan gladly joins the Alliance; Domo arigato:

That Francis, he’s a White Hat all the way, just check out his photo in this piece, Yarmelkeh?:

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