Thursday, June 6, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-5-19

Call Any Vegetable, And It Will Respond To You.

Frank Zappa

My Acupuncturist turned me on to this very informative article; remember - always eat defensively:

Even as a child I knew that Consumer Reports was untrustworthy and intrinsically evil; so it goes:

Italy didn't invent toxic politics, they just elevated it to an art form; Godfather III boomage coming:

CVS, you know the official Oxycontin purveyors to smelly, Wal Mart America; exterminate:

Busting Cabal ice cream trucks in the Big Apple; spare the Spumoni and full speed ahead:

Jordan reports from Palm Springs on the latest Follies Highlights; ponderable:

Seriously, who's going to stop Creator from framing a parable even if you know the punchline?:

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