Saturday, June 15, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-15-19

The Star Fleet View Of 

Our Planet-side Situation

Thanks to Ron Head for this reminder on coping with these meshugana Energy Downloads; Oy:

Here we read about the worst nightmare of the Big Pharma/Medical Mafia coming true; git sum:

True Cabal/Mockingbird colors are visible everywhere as The Maestro continues the Demolition:

New Zealanders are nobody's fools, they know what Game is afoot and refuse to be disarmed:

Phony 'new discoveries' are a sort of accelerated limited hang-out disclosure; TD has been Busted;

He’s more a tool of the Cabal than a shadow government ‘leader’; think bad news bear:

More specific CERN/Satan disclosure; deep Nazi/Occult/Cabal connections and funding:

Just because the Lamestream Media isn't reporting the roundup doesn't mean it's not happening:

More good channelling from Blossom-down-under reporting for the Folks In The Rafters, mate:

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