Saturday, June 22, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-22-19

Up-Levelling Again! Oy Gevalt!

Blossom down under kicks off the Grokfest for the rest-of-us with this latest download:

Amazon patents ‘helpful’ surveillance delivery drones that totally don’t spy on your neighbors

Cyber-sleuths responsible for Russiagate now warn of ‘Iranian hackers’ 

Morag's got a need-to-rant situation goin' on and basic Cable sucks; give her a try for grins:

Bad BLM actors go for a last-gasp crackdown on those damn Hippies; get over yourselves, folks:

Trump gives us a peek at his Goldfinger alter who has a real and enduring fondness for AG; git sum:

Sue Lie is running a very nice special of $100.00 off on her readings for a limited time; just sayin:

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