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Magenta Pixie XX - PDF Transcript: WWCC of 9 Message, 6-6-19

By Magenta Pixie and The Nine

For those who prefer to read - Magenta Pixie XX

Incoming Wave, the Three World Split and the Trinity Solstice (June 2018)

Recently you bought forward a transmission entitled 'The Diamond Wave Process (Critical Mass Solstice for New Earth Treaty)' could you please assist with a little analysis of this transmission?

Indeed we can do this. We might add however that analysis of this material is not absolutely necessary as this transmission was a DNA memory activation trigger which holds the seeds within Starseeded individuals for the 'domino effect' and 'hundredth monkey effect' to take place. In other words, radiation.

However, we are aware of the indigo drive which includes analytical thinking specific to knowings and Wisdoms therefore we shall assist with your queries.

Thank you. You opened with the phrase 'wave after wave'. There are many who pick up that a 'wave' is coming. Is this the wave you speak of here? Can you explain what is meant by wave after wave? Are you suggesting there are multiple waves rather than just one wave?
We refer here to multiple waves when looking from the linear perspective. Ascension comes in waves and this is how this shall be experienced in linear reality or third (and somewhat fourth) dimensional existence. From the higher perspective (multidimensionality - 5D and beyond) there is but one wave.

So if we experience wave after wave are we experiencing the 'one wave' right now.
Indeed you are. For some this will be an 'aftershock' if you will. For others this will be a 'precursor.'

So are you saying the wave has not happened yet for some and it has already happened for others?
This is correct due to their perception of said wave/waves.

So their perception creates their experience?

What is the predominant experience within the Starseed community?
That these are precursor waves due to the linear perspective of 'waiting for events'.

Does the waiting of events create those events?
For some, yes. For others it prevents the event.

How is it so different?
Those that create are in 'surrender' with their waiting and are simultaneously within the now moment experience (zero point). Those that focus only on the future event, prevent it.

So you say the Starseed collective currently sees these waves as precursor waves. Are they collectively creating or preventing the wave?
It fluctuates.

So if it fluctuates then are you saying one minute the wave is prevented the next minute is created?
Not exactly so linear. The fluctuation pattern is simultaneous presenting a mixed vibratory pattern. However, those within zero point have 'stronger fields' shall we say? In the sense that their thoughts and individualised consciousness of said thoughts are cohesive. Therefore creation of wave is predominant within the fluctuating field signal.

Are the Starseeds therefore creating the wave?
They are the wave.

I don't understand. Can you clarify?
All structures within the matter universe and the anti-matter 'innerverse' shall we in 'hyperspace' are the 'mind fabric' of what we may term a 'consciousness field.' That consciousness field 'generates' structure. The structures (humans on Earth being some of those structures) are always part of the consciousness field. They are always one and the same. All structure is therefore one structure just as all waves are one wave.

So the wave is everybody and everything?
The wave is the mind pattern of everybody and everything.

So is it a brainwave? As in a cosmic brainwave?
Yes one could see it that way. Yet 'brainwave' suggests an 'idea' within the mind fields of your peoples. Perhaps 'cosmic neuron activity' would be more appropriate.

Why are we given such little information about this wave? Is it not important for us to know about it?
You are 'given' much information, although it is more akin to receiving than giving. You are each an antennae and can communicate with the wave.

We can communicate with the wave?
Indeed. What do you think you are doing now?

Are you saying you are the wave?
Not 'us' specifically as you know us as 'the Nine' but all of us, as in you, us and everybody else.

If there were no Starseeds upon Earth would there still be a wave?
Yes, but wave would be of a different format.

What kind of format would it be?
Negatively polarised pattern.

Why would it be negatively polarised pattern?
Starseeds are the anchors for positive polarisation. Without them, the negative would polarise without interference.

Ok so if there were no humans upon Earth whatsoever, would there still be a wave?
Yes there would still be a wave, yet said wave would be existing fully within Earth's field and the 'Earth' that you know it would be a sixth density planet, known to many as 'Tiamet.'

Why would the removal of all humans create a sixth density planet?
Sixth density beings would thus anchor frequency and said wave if all humans were no longer on Earth.

Sixth density beings? Are these sixth density beings on Earth right now?

Can you tell me what/who they are?
Elephants, wales, dolphins and various members of the fungi family.

So the elephants, wales, dolphins and fungi anchor sixth density?
They would do so if there were no humans yes. With humans in place then their cohesive consciousness takes precedence (Starseeds.)

Why would Starseeds consciousness take precedence over sixth density beings?
The cohesive consciousness thought structures take precedence over sixth density thought process due to the cohesive structure that moves into synchronised harmony with intelligent infinity due to the individualised infinity structures of said thought process.
Elephants, wales, dolphins and fungi are collective consciousness structures, not individualised.

So an individualised consciousness structure is more powerful than a collective?
Not more powerful. Different. Yet in the case of a third density into fourth density planet such as your Earth/Terra, the individualised consciousness structures take precedence as the signal is 'stronger' if you will. In truth, signal is simply a match to a different evolutionary path and that is the path that creates the ascension you are currently undergoing. 'God realised' ascension, if you will.

Why do you call our Earth 'Terra?' and are collective consciousness structures such as elephants, wales etc not also undergoing 'God realised ascension?'
Terra is the name we give to your fourth dimensional 'planetary system' as a formed planet. This is due to the fact that many from 'other planetary systems' know your planet as the 'vibratory sound' or 'cosmic signature/note/tone' that would be translated in your language as Terra.

Elephants, wales etc undergoing ascension as a collective, not individualised.

Are we not undergoing ascension as a collective?
Yes. As a collective group of many individualised structures simultaneously.

In the transmission you said the waves were 'plasmic light' can you explain this?
These are waves of light. Known to some of you as photonic light, higher dimensional light or intelligent light. This light has a structure you can understand somewhat within your linear, physical understanding. The structure is that of plasma, yet this is not solid. It is 'plasma light' or indeed 'plasmic light.'

You said this plasmic light filters into our bodies and onto the planet, yet you have also said that we are the wave. How can this be?
Perception/perspective creates reality. There are multiple realities. You are the plasmic light wave. Yet also this light moves onto your planet and into your bodies. All are correct. Depending on perspective.

Will this plasmic light wave hit our planet and engulf it?
This has already happened and is happening yet it is yet to happen. Yet 'hit' does not suggest impact and 'engulf' does not suggest destroy. There is no impact or destruction as you would perceive them.

Are there three different 'Earths' or timelines for Earth? One where the wave has already hit, one where it is hitting right now and one where it is yet to hit?
There are multiple Earths (infinite Earths) yet you could place these three that you mention as predominant, yes.

And we are mostly existing upon the Earth where the wave has not yet hit?
Mostly, yes.

What will happen when it does hit?
DNA template moves out of the 'shade' and into the 'sun' (as in 12 strand - 144 strand template is fully reconstructed) and memories return.

So the Starseeds already going through DNA activation and the return of their memories, they are existing upon the Earth where the wave is hitting right now or has already hit?
When they are perceiving from higher dimensional perception and/or zero point, yes.

So are we, as Starseeds, jumping between these Earths right now, in relation to the wave/waves?

How does this relate to the 'New Earth' is this the same model? Is the New Earth, the Earth after the wave has hit?
Many 'New Earths' but yes. After wave and some during wave, or immersion within wave or merge with wave.

Which is the best timeline to be on right now? Or the best Earth? Should we perceive the reality where this wave has already hit?
We bring to your attention to the use of the word 'hit.' This is not impact as we have said. Merge is much more aligned word to use.
Best timeline is always the one seen from zero point ( where there are no timelines, no Earths and no waves.)

Zero point field is pure potential and this holds the bliss codes for creation and the absolute enjoyment of the embodiment of creation as a physical being.
We repeat; Zero point field is pure potential and this holds the bliss codes for creation and the absolute enjoyment of the embodiment of creation as a physical being.
The 'best' timeline/'best' Earth is therefore the embracing of all three perspectives simultaneously (although true zero point will also take you into the embracing of none of these timelines simultaneously with all three of them.)

So it is good for us, as co creative sStarseeds, to embrace the perspective of there is a wave coming, there is a wave here now and that there was a wave?
Yes. This is your trilocation of thought that triggers the etheric DNA strand formations for the 'beyond the triple helix' DNA formation. This is the potential critical mass point for your solstice, June 21st 2018 and the seed points for the activation of that which we refer to as 'Diamond Codes' through the diamond wave process.

So embracing these three perspectives simultaneously creates the seed points for diamond codes within the DNA?
You already have the diamond codes. The 'seed points' are the 'zero point pure potential triggers' that activates the codes. Yes, embracing any three expansive and seemingly opposing concepts is trilocational consciousness, creating the matching DNA structure which is the triple helix and the seed points for 'beyond the triple helix.' You are set for critical mass for this configuration at your solstice point June 21st 2018.

You said in the transmission that the critical mass point was for the 5th strand configuration but now you are saying it is beyond the triple helix, is that not 3 strand formation? How many strands are we currently forming within our DNA template?
The 'beyond the triple helix' is exactly that - beyond the triple helix, as in beyond the third strand - this holds etheric codes for 4th strand and 5th strand formation.

Starseeds as a collective are reaching or have reached the critical mass point for all these configurations, beyond the triple helix into 4th and 5th strand formation. Whilst we present the first 5 strands as forming within a linear sense, in actuality this is a non linear process as it is simultaneous as you move in and out of these configurations until they merge or set.

This is the same as jumping between these three different Earths or Earth timelines. The zero point field would be experienced here, in relation to this particular concept, as embracing all three Earths simultaneously so too do you embrace 'the triple helix', 'beyond the triple helix' - into the 4th and 5th strands. These are simply different models to explain said same process.

You have referred to previous solstices as the 'silver solstice' or the 'blue star solstice' what would you call this solstice?
There are many words to 'name' these stargate, portal moments upon your planet that are the solstices, equinoxes and other points. We could refer to this one as the 'Diamond Solstice' as the diamond codes are being triggered at this time.

Yet we feel that the tri-locational consciousness and the embracing of it, key to the new DNA configuration, is highly significant at this time and as each 'word' or 'phrase' holds a code in itself, we would refer to this solstice, June 21st 2018 as the 'Trinity Solstice' as you create the power of three, embrace the understanding that is the three world split and move into the configuration that is vesica piscis, true twin flame, trine, triad, sacred capstone or the holy trinity.

The trinity, is the first step into the momentum that creates the awareness of the individualised infinity structure.
Trinity into infinity for once you have three you have all.

We are the White winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

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