Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-19-19

Hump Day Hi-Jinks, Methinks

Sorcha the Scorcha strikes again with all the dirt from Russian intelligence services; Spaciba!:

This will be Trudeau’s undoing; angry Shamans already swarm this Koch deal gone bad:

An AI Ethics endowment, friend of POTUS, well upholstered billionaire; part of The Plan methinks:

Epstein buddy Branson needs a whaambulance as [Neo-cons] dutifully self destruct; moar popcorn:

Great News! the round-up of the Big Pharma/Medical Maffia bad actors begins in earnest; gotcha!:

Anons have long known that the UK newspaper, The Guardian is an MI6 controlled 'asset; grok on:

This politically charged Digest closes today with Ben Fulford's weekly report; @discernment:

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