Friday, June 7, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-6-19

 The Mud Elephant, 

Wading Through The Sea, 

Leaves No Tracks...

Ed Sanders/The Fugs


Bro Beckow gets us going with a lovely bit of relevant research into the Mathew material; grokfest:

Lisa Gawlas offers us a current energy update in her inimitable kitchen-table style of discourse:

The new Saudi regime is actually admitting to funding radical Wahabist wingnuts for [DS]; Oy Veh:

At the bottom of each Cabal rabbit hole you will inevitably find The Jesuits running the show:
Lionel rants on an RT newscast commenting as an RT legal expert/talking head; such a ham:

Yeah, Earth humans have had a bad rep since the Atlantis debacle, when the Dark Side won out:

Saul, my fave Galacti-Jew, makes it all sound so flippin' easy; lovey dovey my tuchus:

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