Friday, June 14, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-12-19

250,000 Years Of 

Bad Timelines

Now we're getting into the stuff about the hijacking of Humanity that's tough to grok; carry on:

Taking good care of all Beings on this planet is your ticket to Ascension; sounds like fun:

 The Creator Writings comes up with some lovely short shots; Send Love And Let Go:

This is why I always get extra pickles on my SubWay footlong, mystery meat deathwich; yum:

Western Lamestream Media will mis-report anything if it furthers their dark, fearful agenda:

If you are a regular reader here you might enjoy following NeonRevolt  on Gab at this link: git sum:

Well, seems like the Divine Feminine has arrived just in the nick of 'time'; like here and NOW:

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