Thursday, June 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-27-19

"Will That Be Red Or Blue?"

Asked The Helpful Flight Attendant.

Trump Sidesteps Iran War To Prepare For Catastrophic “Dollar Doomsday” Looming On Horizon:

It’s official, the Fed is firmly in the [kill box] and so is their fiat currency, the US $:

Some basic Satanic symbology backstory in this well written monograph; grokkable:

Maybe it’s time to vote with our feet, rejecting all things Disney across all platforms:

IMHO the FCC will be un-plugging the prime Google ISP Address due to ongoing investigation:
This article has so much truth in it about how modern medicine knows nothing of good health:

The Council is quite helpful in putting these spiking gamma rays into some kind of perspective:

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