Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-18-19

Got Some 'Fatties' To Share...

As our DNA/Akash awakens, actual Earth history is being released into the collective consciousness:

'These people will kill us all'...Chris Hedges on the real Corporate Idiocracy, currently self-exposing:

Our ‘high tech’ is anti-life and we’re all wearing big targets on our backs; Oy:

Weaponized 5G in the US is a deep state wet dream strongly opposed by POTUS; this too will pass:

Morag O'Brien goes on a righteous 4D self care rant, replete with a few handy lists to ponder:

Saying 'NO' to Team Dark in Hong Kong; more calligraphy on the wall for the bad actors in China

John Solomon's latest article highlights The Maestro's Machiavellian Mastery of [DS] Trolling:

Continent-wide massive corruption scandal is being exposed in South America right now; arriba:

And lastly an article to help you put all this seeming excrement into a Cosmic doggy-bag:

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