Monday, June 10, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-10-19

 More Monday Madness

Ben's got his teeth into some meaty tidbits in this, his latest Fulford Report; discernment, as always:
There will be no limited hang-out, 'soft disclosure' happening 'cause Russia gives us Breadcrumbs:
The Donald is there to tell the Queen and the PM, that the gig is up; tired of winning yet:
SB2 does a deep dive ‘transvestigation’ of major [TD] puppets in this post; deep grokfest: 

Hannity and his band of spandex-clad Truth Warriors find themselves on the Front Lines:
This Jedi was headed for the [DS] and now we all know; ain’t disclosure grand: stop revolving doors:

Captain Picard loves his canna-gummies (standard Starfleet issue) just like me: Engage: 

Here's a good over-view of things UFO-ric and very much in the news these days; Nanu, Nanu: 

Denise Le Fay and I share a similar sense of humor; twisted, dark and truthful; memeful:

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