Monday, December 14, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-13-20

 Like Father, Like Son


Oh poor, inept Justin,,,your cover is So blown; some saucy stuff to appease amphibian Appetites:

A fine collection of executive summaries from various underpaid Lightworkers for your Perusal:

Uncle Xi (who works with Trump) doxxes his own [DS] CCP membership; Kekfest: 

Pompeo delivers remarks on China and Dan Crenshaw's righteous rant ends Nancy Pelosi's Career:
Pressure builds causing the SCOTUS Judges to self expose their true Allegiances; popcorn refill Time: 

Git some remedial history of how The Donald became 'Bad Orange Man, nemesis of Team Dark':

Let's call this one the Chuckle Bundle for want of a better Handle; may it amuse and not Offend:

'Don't Hesitate...Assimilate!' has always been one of my favorite cliche's; for High-Vibe-Tribers:

May All Beings Be Free Of Suffering And The Causes Of Suffering...Gautama, Lord Buddha:

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