Thursday, December 17, 2020

Source Creator: Full Bloom


Via Galaxygirl On 12-17-20

I am Source. I am the Source of all that is and all that is not. I am within the moment and the spaces in between. I am the entirety of the whole. You are an aspect of me within human form. You have been many forms. You have experienced many outcomes on many worlds. You are a sliver of me who is continually expanding. Just as new galaxies are birthed in between the existing ones, so too am I continually expanding, as are you, precious fractal of me. 

You are expanding into yet further greatness, further experience. Experience expands by removing previous conceptions of perceived truths. Truth is perceived best by the individual for it is seen through their lens of perception. The lens of 3D is expanding, is lifting, is crumbling into a higher vibrational reality that will offer new perspectives of understanding, of growth, of bliss, of love. Love will be expanding, for as this realm of darkness expands love will be creating new experiences to further yet more love. The light has come. It is within you.

Long ago the ancient ones planted the seeds of awakening which are now in full bloom. You are awakening, you are aware. Many others have seeds of awakening that are starting to sprout. Others have stomped on the seed of their own awareness, blunting growth. Those who choose to experience further lack of awareness will do so. Those who are choosing the light are experiencing the fruition of their choice. 

I see you as flowers in bloom, fractals of my love, reading these words. A beautiful garden on Nova Gaia will be planted from the energetic seeds of faith, hope and trust. Tenacity is strong within the human collective. Times of adversity and trials have further strengthened you and your roots have grown deep into the bedrock of faith.

I am so proud of you. I am proud of us. For as you heal, I heal. The rending of me has been painfully expansive. (I am seeing Galactic wars, rebellion.) Those who are choosing love are choosing the path of light and higher ways. Your rewards are the wave of blessings that you have given, that are being returned to you many fold. (I am seeing endless waves in a vast ocean.) The blessings will ripple, will continue to build. 

The blessings of Source-awareness within is the outcome of Enlightenment. But we are becoming more enlightened every day. Enlightenment is not an end game. It is an endless journey of the self back towards the whole, the heart of the One. It is the path that you are on in this moment, and in many moments and lifetimes to come. For you will be creating, building, forming new realities to explore which will provide more insight into the heart of me and in turn we both expand, for we are one.

I am Source. The energetics upon your world now are such that no one can ignore the changes of planetary upheaval. It will not always be
like this. Beautiful moments of peace are coming, shortly. Do not lose hope. Remember your roots are no longer tender. You are fully formed blossoming trees of light that are bridging Nova Gaia to this realm through your roots of energetics. (I am seeing the Nova Gaia Tree of light’s deep roots extend from the realm just above ours, and the roots of light from the light workers’ network reaching up to meet them. 

Like holding hands, these joined roots are creating a pulling sensation, a bridge of pulling energy, pulling this realm up.) Yes, this is an apt image. Although, Galaxygirl, I would add you are surrounded in love and assistance from the currently unseen realms. (I am now seeing a circle of colorful flowers encircling these two trees, representing our additional spiritual family, federations, councils of light, ancestors. We are surrounded in love.) 

Yes, Galaxygirl. You are surrounded in love. Feel my love for you. You need not wait for a love blast. You are this blast of love-light that you seek, for it is within you. I am sending you my love. Feel this closeness, this light of our connection and be at peace. Be comforted. Be this love-light to the others. Hug your children, your loved ones. Be the quiet light that radiates in the storm and you shall see the storm lift. For the light is too strong for it to remain.

I am Source. I am you, I am within you. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude for those of you reading, for you have fulfilled your vow and are growing by leaps and bounds in the process. And as you all have unique individuated experiences, I am growing as well. As love is further chosen in this reality, the lack of love shall lift away. 

Do not concern yourselves with those who have chosen another pathway. They are simply taking the longer way, the longer road. All roads lead back to oneness. There is only One. This may be a hard teaching for those of you who have been programmed and indoctrinated into a different way of thinking. But remember you are here to expand. Expand your thinking. Expand your perceptions and wisdom and more love will be gained, if you allow. Allow. Expand.

I am Source. Feel this freedom of expansion and let it lighten your shoulders. The weights you carry are heavy ones. Let me carry them with you and we will walk this path together, as one. I am Source. I love you.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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