Monday, December 21, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-21-20

St. Nicholas Kicks Owl Ass

Frens At Yuletide, full of unexplainable Cheer as all appears so drear, oh Dear!

Razorfist in Rant-E-Motion...8 mildly obscene minutes of Madness Plus a short OAN video Diatribe:

Tubesteak grows a pair as he realizes that BOM has the goods on him; can you spell Plea-Bargain:
Our newest Portrait-of-a-Traitor expose targets panicking Rockefeller Cuck-Zuck; now comes the Pain: 
[DS] goons are hot to get at and punish Dalio for speaking about impending use of the Insurrection Act:
The Blaze sez a Zoom (owned by CCP) employee was Chinese spy who shut down anti-China Video:

The global, multi-generational scope of the Cabal world domination plans will boggle most Minds:
A Trioka of Terrific Transmissions courtesy of the kind folks at GAoG; jungle bells, jingle Bells:
Creator...back at it again; 'nuff Said:

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