Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Hathors: Powerful Cosmic Light of Rebirth

Via Peggy Black 12-19-29

We are here holding you and your planet in the space of this true transformation. At this time humanity is being bathed in powerful cosmic light of rebirth. This energy is being gifted by the Celestials and Galactic Beings to activate your full potential and magnificence.

We want to convey the importance of these coming days. The vibrations that are being offered trigger a flowering of consciousness in the collective. This is what you have been asking for, intending and praying for, as well as anchoring. It is here; welcome this potent and powerful download of energy, codes and information. It is you who has called forth this awesome event. It is you who has invited this infinite shift in the collective awareness.

These celestial events are empowering the birth of a new consciousness. They are triggering a synchronicity and a quantum leap in enlightenment within each and every human. These vibrations bring about huge changes; there are those like yourself who welcome this surge of light and others who will find it shocking, disturbing and confusing. 

It is important for you to watch your own personal fears because this cosmic light will trigger all that is to be released. Watch your reactions, notice any numbness, confusion or chaos arising in the days and weeks to come. Allow yourself to relax into this process, allow this to move though all levels of your being. Willingly release any negative or misqualified energies you experience.

This is what you might call a Galactic Upgrade. For some who have done their work it will be much easier, however for those who have been resisting change this process might be a bit more challenging.
Remember to breathe and relax, and allow what is transpiring to unfold with ease and grace. Remember to call forth divine beings to support and assist this transformation. Remember to acknowledge with gratitude the divine beings who have supported your visions and intentions for this change.

You are a warrior of light, here to anchor this new truth. You are here to call forth the new world order. You are to witness this awesome stargate that is available for humanity to move to the higher dimension. You have been waiting for this moment. You have been inviting and envisioning this very event.  

This shift of consciousness will continue to flower in all areas of this planet. There will be a surge of creative expression and awareness that will welcome the transformation of all that has been out of balance for humanity. The seeds of this potent cosmic moment will continue to flourish in the days and years to come. This is the beginning.

However, realize that you and humanity have crossed a threshold into a new expanded unified field of conscious clarity. Welcome this reality; use your prayers and clear intentions as seeds of light planted in the fertile energy that is being offered. This cosmic moment offers the opportunity to activate all the very best that humanity can be.

Allow yourself to tap into your full awesome potential. Allow yourself to recognize and honor the full awesome potential of others. Anchor and stabilize a sense of oneness, peace and harmony throughout your world. Welcome these infinite shifts activating this new world view.

Remember that any change takes time to manifest in this dense dimension. Realize that this is only the beginning. There still might be chaotic energies appearing, there still might be confusion and upheaval. However, be of good courage; these are only the remaining misqualified negative energies that are on their way out of this dimension. You can invite the power of the Violet Light to transform and uplift any of these heavy, negative energies, thoughts and actions within yourself or the collective. 

The very planet itself is aware of this acceleration of resonance. The most important aspect is for humans to hold  high vibrations of love, harmony, and oneness which will anchor this new resonance. The higher the love and coherent vibrations offered by you and other beings of the light, the more fully this shift of consciousness will be anchored.

This quantum evolution is being sponsored by the Great Central Sun. There are downloads of codes of light being given to humanity. These codes of light will begin to flourish and expand within each human on earth. These codes are an activation, a cosmic moment you and others have been waiting for. These codes will be the trigger to activate your personal rebirth into your true powerful potential. 

Every cell in your body will be healed. The past is over. Your inner being is filled with love and light. Allow your rebirth. Express self love, self awareness and acceptance. Accept this healing.

Release all that is no longer yours.  Envision humanity releasing what is no longer loving and kind. Know that this transformation will unfold in time, be patient with others as they are triggered to transform their limitations. Be patient with yourself as you also release your limited beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Stabilize any wobble in your personal energy field and use this divine energy gift to its full potential.

We celebrate with you. We honor and acknowledge you for your incredible power and willingness to call forth this shift of consciousness. It is you who have held the course, stated the intention and prayed for the healing of your planet. Your intentions and prayers have been heard and fulfilled. We bow before you for your constant dedication to this goal. We are always here to support and assist you in anchoring this new world order. the 'team' 
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