Thursday, December 24, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-24-20


 Remember - Kermit Is An Archetype

 Oh my KEK! They actually intend to criminalize the use and sending of MEMES; no way in Hell:

Ron Paul delivers this extraordinary Festivus List of Grievances to his congressional colleagues; Kek:

This cucked Jesuit hit-man and world class sociopathic eugenicist; yes, we must exalt Him...NOT!

'Nuns Were Pimps': Child rape victim claims orphanage workers Aided his Abusers; it's getting Louder:

Utsava-ACCURATE #Trump #prophecies-#WWG1WGA (@Utsava4) Tweeted: Please don't believe these fairytales, #Hussein was executed in September last year, his husband I think it was this year..out there are clones/doubles whatever, they are GONE! 

The Dublin Cowboy and Old Slowhand team up to protest; Rail on Donne John, rail On!

Deep insinuation into western business’ by CCP[DS] agents is the classic Mandarin Long Game:

Now we bust the drug pushers at every level of the distribution of opioids; RICO’s a bitch, Waltons:

Carolyn Oceana Ryan channelled this delightful update for all of us impatient Old Souls; Grok Sum:

I'm quite sure these sage words from Creator will soothe your time-line jumping road-Rashes:

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