Friday, December 4, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-4-20

 The Sleepers Are Awakening...


We may be fast approaching the Supreme court solving the cucked election with the Keystone Solution:
Rounding up the bad actors on Federal felony charges will benefit us all; Git Sum:
The Gateway Pundit gives you all the election fraud that fits! Check out their well curated real News:

Simon Parkes is a WH intel conduit who deserves your serious attention; his latest election Update: 

This Scamdemic special focusses on the cover story aspect of this world-wide Medical Mafia Psy-OP: 
Big Pharma is Manic in a Panic to get their Borg poison into our bodies ASAP; I wonder Why? 

The World Economic Forum sez forget chopping wood & carrying water; eat weeds and drink Sewage:

Suzuki Roshi does the honors for this closer with closer look at Zen Mind, Beginners Mind:

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