Friday, December 11, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-11-20

 The 12:12 Gateway Edition

This Portal of Initiation is going to change Everything; it's probably a good idea to Pay Attention;

The Conspiracy Theorist's Corner is piled high with confirmations today; we had it right all Along: 

Fox News finally showa it's true colors; no Patriots there save for Tucker, Hannity and Lou Dobbs:CNN

The high cost of waking up the human race; our collective Dark Side is presenting for Clearing:

Toxic Jab effects are irreversible, you could look it up; [DS] wants you infertile, sick, then Dead: 

Lorie, Shanta and Jenny grace our Three Witches bundle today with their Wit and Wisdom; Grok On:

You just can't miss if Creator is your Closer; Git Sum:

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