Monday, December 14, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-14-20


 Welcome To the Age Of Aquarius


Git Sum EcoAstrology: Sagittarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse + Solstice Report for Openers:

Denise brings the New Earth visual impressions from the New Gridding into sharper Focus:

Brenda Hoffman brings the sanest advice for the holiday bound Homo Luminous I've yet to Read:

An Ode To The Disruptor-In-Chief - may his pompadour last for a thousand Years:

This Follies Bundle has a bit-o-everything goin' down 'round the bring-down of Team Dark:

England - If you want the fish from our waters you will buy them from our fishermen; carry On:

Manchurian expendable commits suicide by cop in Haarlem; half-assed False Flags falling Flat:

Here's a very appropriate message from St. Germain via James McConnell for your edification:    

As we align with the Galactic Center and the Great Central Sun best get some cosmic SPF Protection

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