Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-23-20

Future Proves Past. Q 


It's official - Pepe has hopped out of the Cozy Pond to declare that Shit just got Biblical; ribid, Ribid

You just can’t make shit up as rich as this [DS] drivel; swamp comedy is alive & well in DC:

Follow you favorite Patriot talking heads on Gab TV, is up and running for amphibian Frens: 

Vaxxatopia is wilder than a Pit Bull on Crack these days; when in doubt Don't Take the Jab!

Peasants Unite! You have nothing to lose but your paltry relief checques; wolf this Up!

The long awaited Big Disclosure is here, Right Now! Wake up and smell the musty, old Patents; Kek:

Welcome to the Matrix indeed; resistance is futile and you will be Assimilated by AI:

This timely Solstice Mesage from carolyn is a good reminder of what this seeming Chaos is all About:

[Cue the drumroll with a loud rimshot] Heeere's Creator! May your out-box contain Only Love:

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