Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-16-20

The Storm Is Arriving...


I can almost feel the Haboob blowin' up the butts of anyone associated with SolarWind clown-Ops:

I do believe the Nazi's created modern drug-based psychiatry so as to Totally Control their Captives:

I really appreciate Archbishop Vagano's simply stated Cosmic Truths about our Dust-up w/the Devil:

Let's call this the Sovereignty Bundle and begin with lovely Lorie Ladd, giving a short Intro, Yo:

As the Medical Mafia looses control of The Fake Science Narrative, it's gonna get Interdasting:

Git sum from the Hive Mind using the Babylon Bee folk as back-channels; Kekfest: 

All corrupted officials will soon be just Dust in the Wind; the Light of Truth burns away the Veils:

Many will awaken this week and move quickly through this Magnificent Portal; Bon Voyage:

Try a Troika from Maresca! Long lasting para-psychotronic pleasure with only half the Caloies:

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