Thursday, December 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-17-20


Closely Observe The 'Vaccine Effect'

As It Wakes The Sheeple And

Brings Down Big Pharma

Here comes the Truth of the poison jabs and the criminal complicity of medical mafia Pimps; Grokfest:

POTUS owns Fauci and has scripted him to destroy the Scamdemic Conspiracy: 
The Fabulous Follies highlights for this Seventeenth (Q) Day of the holy month of December:
Another brave act of civic responsibility soon to be repeated country-wide; civil disobedience NOW:
Tom Terrific is showing the early signs of Adrenochrome Withdrawal; this gets a whole lot Worse:   
Truth or Dare?  Inquiring minds just have to Know; git sum Cherubic Chuckles:
John is getting more ‘woke’ with each Edition; finally, abandoning the empirical playpen, Kek:
PC-R rocks and rolls us through the accelerating Angelification of the Hue-beings on Terra Gaia:
December 2020 The Quantum Awakening Newsletter – The Quantum Awakening

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