Saturday, December 5, 2020

Disclosure Digest 12-5-20



Please Take Some Time To Look Up !


Look up from your screens now and again and behold the Star of Bethlehem lighting up the Night:

Minimal BS & mostly right regarding the Broad Strokes, Ben still knows how to investigatively Report:  

Rounding up the bad actors on Federal felony charges will benefit us all; Git Sum:

Git Sum Free Speech For Free People today! Yes, you are worthy, so follow the green Amphibian: 

Here's a little bread to help you better understand the [DS] Corona Baloney scamdemic...Qui Bono?

The real back-story of the C_A creation of the penultimate Deboonking Phrase/Spell; Grokfest:

Our newly minted Hypocritical Sock-Puppets File is getting fatter by the day; keep on kekkin' Frens:

We're long overdue for a few chuckles; may you wear these kek-bumps in good health! MazelCiao:

The truth of it is that Humanity is also an Endangered Species when you're talking Glyphosate:

This just in from our Sympathy for Schizophrenics File; see the world through Vincent's Eyes:

Jim, of Mastering Alchemy fame, does a fine precis on the real value of our much maligned Ego-Self:

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