Monday, February 18, 2013

Archangel Michael: The Light is Love. Love is the Creator

 Channelled by Ron Head On February 15, 2013

light-showerLet us have a word about your current situation, dearest friends. Yes there are a great many things happening around you these days. Yes, some damage and injury is bound to occur. And yes, your press and television are sure to play up these things for all they are able to get out of them.

We will not say that anyone should disregard or feel happy about anyone being hurt or having their property and livelihood damaged, far from it. Of course you feel compassion for any who may be harmed in any way. But maintain your inner calm and determination, dear ones, and realize that what you are seeing is orders of magnitude less than what you were told to fear, and even much less than it is being hyped up to be.

It is being used to keep you in fear and to raise audience levels. Well, at least that last part doesn’t seem to be working, does it? Sooner or later someone will realize that a little truth and honest reporting will do wonders in that regard.

In the meantime, as you look around, you will see that your planet is indeed making the changes that she finds necessary, but she is doing her best to avoid major damage to her children. There are many quakes. There are many more active volcanoes. But you do not see reports of huge loss of life. There are huge pressures that need to be vented. And they are being vented. We recommend placing your prayers and intentions upon helping your dear mother to do that in the most harmless way. And keep bringing in as much light as you know how. We push and you pull. Can there be any further doubt, after the last days, that this is indeed having its effect? Enough said.

You will never convince any closed minds, but for those who understand, these are momentous times indeed. There is no need to do anything but support now. Those who are doing need your support. But avoid trying to direct traffic, as it were. You can imagine the mess if we all pulled in different directions. Just bring in light.

The light is love. Love is the Creator. It knows where to go and what to do. Of course, if you are being nudged to do something then please don’t sit there and think, “Well Michael told us to just bring in light.” No, do what there is for you to do today, just as we have told you before, but also realize that you certainly are not remiss if what you see to do is to support others in your hearts. One is not less than the other.

And we see you sharing your inner changes now. How wonderful, and how helpful to those around you. We see you having fun and enjoying this. Let go and be yourselves and play. You are children again. You will progress so much faster that way.

Enough for now. We will speak more later. Good day.

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