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Taryn Crimi - Why Do Souls Choose To Reincarnate If Every Experience Plays Out In Another Parallel Reality?

Channelled By Taryn Crimi On February 14, 2013

We have been asked to expand upon our previous message about parallel realities. This topic is of course quite large and we certainly will not be able to explain all there is to know about parallel realities in just one or two messages. With that being said we would like to focus your attention on the infinite versions of “you”.

The question which has been asked of us is, why do souls chose to reincarnate if there are already infinite versions of you all playing out simultaneously? This is a wonderful question, and one that we would like to further explain. In order for us to give a detailed explanation of this answer, we will touch upon three topics which we have previously covered; these will include parallel realities, reincarnation, and the illusion of time. We will expand upon our previous explanation of each of these topics as needed to best answer this question. Let us begin.

As we have stated in our earlier message about parallel realities, there are an infinite number of realities which are all playing out simultaneously. We used the example of a person who was supposed to meet her friend for coffee in the morning and then walk to work, to help you to understand just how many “you’s” exist. We went on to describe just some of the decisions she could make, all of which are all playing out in other realities. As we explained previously, some parallel realities look very similar to “this” reality and others would look drastically different to you.

At any moment you are met with decisions to make, some are quite small; like do you want to drink a cup of water or would you rather have an iced tea. However there are other decisions which are much larger and have a greater impact on the direction your life takes. Decisions such as who to marry, where to live, where to work, and if you would like to have children are just a few examples. Now realize that regardless of the decision which you make in “this” reality, know that all of the other choices that you could choose from are all playing out as well. This is because your soul seeks to gain every experience possible and therefore another parallel reality is created that allows for the infinite expansion of every decision. From our perspective, all parallel realities already exist, because we do not view time in a linear fashion as you do. However from your perspective it would seem as though, with each new decision to be made, a new parallel reality is created.

Each soul has to make the decision which determines whether they would like to reincarnate back into this reality again, or if they would rather incarnate on other worlds instead. We have stated previously that the reason why souls choose to reincarnate in this reality is to gain valuable lessons which are unique to the lower dimensions that are based in duality. Of course there is much to be gained in any reality, regardless of the dimension, however we are simply saying that there are unique lessons which can only be found in a reality such as yours.

Now in regards to the question at hand, which asks why a soul would need to reincarnate if every possible decision you could make is already being experienced? Before we can answer this question we would like to refer back to our message about the illusion of time, because your perspective on time plays a large role in how you view the question.

Let us explain. Many are interested in learning about their “past” lives; however a common misconception is that these lives have actually been experienced in the “past”. Many think of reincarnating in a sequential order, as if a lifetime in “Ancient Egypt” was experienced before their “next” lifetime in “the dark ages” and then they reincarnated again into the 1800’s during the exploration of Western America. We have used these time periods simply to demonstrate our explanation. Although these time periods all seem to have occurred in the past, they are actually all happening simultaneously, right now as we speak. These “time periods” all exist right here, right now. The perceived separation is simply due to vibration and frequency. Unbeknownst to many, there are dinosaurs grazing on grass, native Americans building teepees and rockets being launched in the very “space” you reside. You do not perceive these realities, nor do they perceive you; however you are simply “separated” by the vibration and frequency which you maintain and the reality which you expect to see.

Let us offer another analogy in hopes that you may better understand this concept. Imagine many different pieces of paper stacked one on top of another. Each page represents a different “time” period. Now imagine these pages are curved to form a circle instead of being stacked straight up and down. These pages form a complete circle. If someone were to ask you which page comes first, how would you be able to determine a linear order? You could not, because a circle is not linear. There is no beginning and there is no end to a complete circle.

Now let us further expand upon this concept. Now we realize that when you are used to thinking in a linear fashion, it can be quite difficult to imagine how everything can be occurring simultaneously. However this is in fact how we view reality from our perspective. We have previously explained the process of reincarnation as an occurrence that happens one at a time. This was simply to introduce the concept and further explain the decisions which are made as well as the review process which occurs “after” each life. However all decisions to reincarnate into each life are made simultaneously, it is not experienced one at a time. We realize that this concept can be quite overwhelming to some, and will stir many more questions as a result. This is our intention as you are now ready to further expand your consciousness and once again stretch the boundaries which you have placed on what is possible.

Know that you would not be drawn to this message if you were in fact not ready to hear these words.

We will once again repeat the question which we have been asked to further explain; why do souls choose to reincarnate if every possible decision is playing out in an infinite version of reality? Each lifetime which you “are living” has an effect on every other lifetime. This is why we have said that the decisions which you make today can affect your past, present and future. It is not that you are “going back in time” but rather it is because there is no past or future. We will give you another analogy; is it possible to throw a stone into a lake and only affect just one molecule of water? No, because there is no separation between the body of water. It is all connected, just as each one of your lifetimes are connected. There is no separation between the “time periods” which you chose to experience.

So the reason why you have chosen to “reincarnate” more than once, is to gain as much experience as you possibly could. Yes, every possible decision you make in your life is playing out in another parallel reality, however there are still so many more possible experiences from which your soul could gain by choosing to “be” more than one person; by incarnating into more than one region, more than one “time period” more than one family. You see, with each life there are different challenges, different situations because of the wide array of possible experiences you would have by changing your family, friends, wealth, health, creed, race, religion, region and so forth. Each lifetime affords you with even more experiences of which you “will” encounter and in turn each lifetime creates its own parallel realities.

Each and every experience is used to benefit the growth of your consciousness; to allow for more experiences to further expand your understanding of all that is. Your soul continues to search for new and exciting experiences that will serve to further help elevate your consciousness. We have often stated that there really is no end to the expansion of your consciousness. Because you will continue to create new experiences from which you can learn. You are eternal beings, your soul will never die; and as you continue to exist you will continue to expand. To stop expanding is to no longer exist. Rest assured you are all infinite beings.

We hope that this message has in some way served you,

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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