Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Manuscript Of Survival - Part 272

The time of reckoning has in many ways already been here for quite some time now, dear ones, as you feel yourselves being pushed and pulled by the intensity of the incoming waves of energetic uploads. And when we say reckoning, we do not refer to some biblical scourge that has been oft prophesied No, we refer to the fact that you have all dug so deep within yourselves now that you are almost scraping the bottom of the old container, searching for any lost clues as to what/who you really are.

What you are not has become more clear to you now as you feel the sense of separation from the so called ”normal” world out there becoming more and more pronounced. And, as such, the feeling of hovering over a deep abyss, walking precariously on a flimsy structure you have built purely on faith may be strong. You have willingly abandoned everything that the rest of mankind seem to think is the normal way to live, but as yet, you have no clear understanding of what is waiting for you ahead.  There are little or no clues as to what you are already starting to manifest, as it is in so many ways literally invisible to the outside world.
Yes, you are indeed taking the biggest leap of faith there is as you have chosen to sever the bonds that tie you to the old without any clear idea as to what you are moving towards.

Deep within, you know what you want and you know what you will achieve, but as this is still very much undetectable to the normal senses, you have little but a deep Heart-longing  to navigate by.  And the feeling of overwhelming insecurity may pop up at any time as you get a sense of bewilderment, a sense of ”have I made a wise choice here?”  Sometimes these feelings can be very difficult to shake off.

That is more than understandable because you have chosen to be the Wayshowers in this. You are, as we have talked about so many times before, travelling through uncharted terrain. So you will find no footprints to follow in the wake of, there are no clear markers pointing out the right direction and there is nothing there telling you just how far it is to go before you reach your goal.  You will at times feel lost, like a babe in the woods, to use an expression you might be familiar with, and the temptation to call it quits and retrace your own footsteps may become almost overpowering at times.

But, if you actually stop to think about it, you will realize that there is nothing to return to. For the old world that you left is not a place you could even consider returning to. It is not the place for you anymore because it holds nothing you could deem as positive. And there you stand, seemingly in the thick of it, with nothing showing you where to go ahead and no sense of wanting to return to what you have left behind.

Indeed, it is at times like these you need to gather your senses and try to connect not only with your own center, but also with the network of fellow travellers that are all stepping ahead towards the same ultimate goal as yourself.   You need to reassure each other that you are not lost.  In fact, you have a homing beacon within that is so strong you cannot override it no matter how hard you try  and you will find your way even when you feel literally like you are walking blindfolded in the darkest of despair.

You are within inches of finding that glade where you will finally be able to see what you already know in your Heart is there, and we do not say this to try to pull any wool over your eyes. You are going strong even when you feel weaker than weak and, as such, we would like you to feel the strength that you emit by mentally joining yourselves to all of the others out there being pulled along by that same strong force as you.  You are beacons of light, and even if the neck of the woods that you are traveling through may seem to be on the dense side at the moment, you will see your own light reflected in the eyes of the others you meet. Seek their company as you can do this literally from the comfort of your own home.

You have a calling within you that is incredibly strong and this is the same one that is ringing in the hearts of everyone that has tuned into that same channel within themselves. When you sit down to listen to this inner channel you will indeed hear the voices of all of your fellow men and women humming along with it. So please take some time to sit down in solitude and tune into this choir that you, yourself, are such a prominent member of. Then you will then be reassured by the clarity of your voices, and you will be better able to discern the power you all emit. Hopefully, it will make the last stretch of this ”jungle trip” a little bit easier to complete, because you will know in your heart of hearts that not only are you walking in the perfect direction, you are doing it in the company of a multitude of other shining beings, spanning your globe in an intricate network of shining paths, all converging towards the same goal.

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