Thursday, February 28, 2013

Arcturian Sacred Geometry

It seems that not a day goes by that another powerful tool of self-transformation doesn't tumble into our laps courtesy of one of our Star Families or another; yesterday it was the Hathors and today the Arcturians (my people!) We heartily recommend wise and daily use of these timely ascension tools.  DT the ET

Offered By John Paul Polk and Jill Mara 

-February 28, 2013-

The Arcturians have provided us with a large range of images for meditation to produce or speed up changes within us. The images were created by John Paul Polk with Arcturian messages and meditations channeled by Jill Mara. We reproduce a few here but the entire article can be found as a page here.


Sacred Arcturian Geometries

We are Arcturians of 6th dimensional consciousness. We relay to you the meaning and awareness that these graphic symbols can provoke in the viewers being. Each is coded with a particular pattern that aligns with a specific frequency that is encoded in the potential of each human being.
By viewing these images, and reciting the intention meditation, one may activate these frequencies within oneself. These images can be used as tools to awaken the whole self to a higher level of consciousness or inspire ascension to a more aware state of being. All aspects of the image; color, shapes, sizes of shapes and the positioning and number of each shape in the whole image has meaning to the matrix of Earth, and the human being within its sphere.
The following images were created by John Paul Polk with Arcturian messages and meditations channeled by Jill Mara


The force of creation within the three dimensional realm is awakened from this image. It activates the ability to make desires manifest in your world. It heightens creative ability and the motivation to make concepts take concrete form.

Intention Meditation
The desires of my soul are made manifest in my reality.

Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose
Soul Purpose
Each person comes to incarnation with a purpose they wish to fulfill. This formation activates the inner knowing of that purpose and allows one to see the signs that will lead them to their highest intended destiny in each day.
Intention Meditation
My soul purpose is being revealed to me every day and I am acting upon this
Please go here  for the larger article.
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