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Saul: The New Worldwide Monetary and Financial System

Posted by Steve Beckow On February 24, 2013

As I researched NESARA as part of my work on the next e-book, I came across this message from Saul from 2010.  In it he gives a comprehensive picture of Post-NESARA society.  Saul’s depiction of it here is one of the best single treatment I’ve seen. Many people have been asking how society will operate after NESARA arrives. Saul helps us understand that in this message. I post an extract from it here.

Saul Through John Smallman, May 5, 2010 
NESARA[The] new monetary and financial system, … has been carefully designed to provide long-term stability instead of short-term distortion…. 
Do not become upset as the markets flounder and then founder, as this will only be a temporary destabilization which is a necessary precursor to the establishment of the new worldwide monetary and financial system. The new system will enable the distortions and errors — which the inadequacies of your present system allowed and encouraged — to be set to rights. Then, true global cooperation of a completely harmonious nature, and that is good for all and good for the planet, will be possible and will come into operation.

As economic stability returns, safety valves will be installed to ensure that the liquidity of the financial system can no longer be threatened or drained away by unseen or unexpected leaks.

Investment in necessary, environmentally sound industries will grow, while unsustainable and damaging industries will wind down and then cease operations.

With abundant free energy readily available wherever needed, coal mining and oil “harvesting” and exploration will first be greatly reduced and then finally cease, as the industries that require that kind of energy become obsolescent. Cleaning up and repairing the damage that those basically barbaric industrial conglomerates have caused will be a major task in the next few years, and much, in your terms, technologically very advanced assistance will be provided to ensure that this is done cleanly and efficiently.

World poverty will be completely alleviated as everyone’s energy and food needs become available in abundance locally, removing the need for much of the major freight transportation worldwide. The speed with which your damaged environment will be restored and healed will amaze you.

As peaceful, intelligent, and harmonious cooperation in all areas of your lives replace the stressful, competitive, and confrontational disharmony that has been standard on the planet for so long, personal stress and anxiety will dissolve, leading to an enormous reduction in sickness and ill health.

Unhealthy life styles will fall away as you all start to find joy, peace, and love in every moment of your existence, and this will remove the need for escape from the constant pressure of survival issues with which so many of you are presently struggling.

One of the results of these life style changes will be an astonishing falloff in addictive behavior of every kind — drugs, alcohol, food, anger, abuse, and all other forms of depraved behavior such as manipulation, control, blame, shame, and bullying of others — to be replaced by large-scale acceptance of one another as beings to be honored, respected, and cherished.

The need for enforcement agencies will be gone, because when people respect and accept one another as equally valid and worthwhile members of society, the misbehavior that enforcement agencies have been used to stop and prevent will no longer be a major issue. Peaceful, friendly, and enthusiastic cooperation will replace the legally enforced organization, manipulation, and control of people everywhere.

This sea change in the attitudes and beliefs that humanity holds and expresses is the guiding wisdom that will bring you firmly, positively, and excitedly into the Golden Age for which you have been hoping for so long. Its arrival is imminent. So start to adjust your attitudes in preparation for your move into full consciousness — by not taking things personally, and by refusing to be offended by the behavior of others. …

With so very much love, Saul.

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