Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ecstasy: The First Taste of Universal Love

rose 345How can I not say a word about what is happening inside me at this moment? My purpose has always been to go through Ascension publicly. That’s what a writer of my persuasion does.

And right now I’m in touch with the sweetest  state of being inside me that I think I’ve ever known. I pay a price because in speaking about it I lose the very most delicate parts of it. Until I began writing, it was like the softest velvet, the most umbrageous caring for others.

I noticed it because, as I first contacted it, I thought of someone with whom I was in a difficult place and could be quite out of sorts with and instead I felt a delicate and inclusive love for that person and in fact for everyone and anyone.  Is that not universal love? Are we not in the dawning moments of it?

I was also just reading Pamela Kribbe’s new column on the New Earth. Jesus (or Jeshua) had just said: “Your earthly cycle of lives draws to a close when your consciousness is able to hold all the experiences of duality in its hand, while remaining centered and fully present.” (1) And I shifted my awareness inside and immediately noticed the beginnings of this delicious state.

It’s such a precious experience that I’m having at this moment. Jeshua describes it here:

“Karma is nothing but the natural harmonizer for the swings in which your consciousness engages. You release your ties to the karmic cycle when your consciousness finds its anchor point in the motionless center of the seesaw.

“This center is the exit point for the karmic cycle. The predominant feeling tones in this center are stillness, compassion and quiet joy. Greek philosophers had premonitions of this state which they called ataraxia: imperturbability.

“Judgment and fear are the energies that most take you off-center. As you release these energies more and more, you become more quiet and open inside. You truly enter another world, another plane of consciousness.” (2)

We’ve talked about this many times, have we not? The importance of the center? How the soul resides in the spiritual heart or hridayam? How staying balanced in the center is inordinately important?

You may ask why we post so many channeled messages here. Have you noticed how the masters and angels we post so often are able to tell us precisely what is happening with us at this moment as we pass through the Ascension cycle? And without their telling us matters such as these, without their providing us with a user’s manual in tiny instalments, how would we be able to navigate this delicate passage?

I just wanted to place a bookmark here. I’m listening to Hayley Westenra sing I Dreamed a Dream and puttering away when suddenly I was lifted into this space of ecstacy.  Since I gave you Jeshua, which was a part of that experience, perhaps I should also share Hayley.

… and now the tears begin, tears of joy.


(1)  Jeshua, ” The New Earth I,” at
(2) Loc. cit.

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