Sunday, February 10, 2013

Listing the Cities of Light

Remember, the first city Of Light that will become visible to us here in the 4th Density will appear out of the etheric mists over Sedona, AZ .  This confirms to my heart/mind that the Four Corners area of the US Southwest is indeed Sacred Ground holding some of the highest and purest light energies anywhere on our beloved Gaia's body.  I also now understand my lifetimes-long connection to Amsterdam and the Dutch; I lived there from 1972 to 1983...DT the ET  Tot Ziens!

 By Steve Beckow on February 9, 2013

Cities of Light 2938A European lightworker had a reading with Archangel Michael through Linda yesterday and received this partial list of cities of light in Europe: Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin, Assisi, St. Petersberg, and Provence (I assume Aix en Provence).

These are cities of light that she and her twin flame will be working with.

There’s also a city of light destined to appear above London so more do exist.

I’ve heard of cities of light over Sedona, Port St. Lucie, Idaho, Montana, Michigan, and Vancouver.  Also cities over China and that’s the extent of my knowledge.

Obviously there will be cities over many other places. I just don’t know about them yet. If you do, perhaps leave word by way of comment and an URL related to where you received the information.

Archangel Michael said that originally the cities of light were not planned to be unveiled for 80,000 years into the future.  (1)

The European lightworker, who works shamanically, has had two encounters with a very Nordic-looking individual, whom she said had a tremendously-sturdy physique.  She asked AAM yesterday through Linda who that individual was and was told it was Sanat Kumara and that Sanat is in charge of the cities of light.
Genii Townsend wrote the other day and said that she had received the information that Hermes was to “pull the veil to reveal the City of Light Sedona.” Before your eyes open wide thinking that a Greek god is being referred to, Hermes is actually the name of an Egyptian master of enlightenment: Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus. And yes, “Hermes” and “Mercury” are names of a Greek god too. But it isn’t that one that’s being referred to.

Hermes was known to Egyptians of the day as Thoth.  Genii says:

“Written up in many books, this Godman (if indeed he was not just a man, but total light) was the greatest of all philosophers and priests and kings and was the noted father of alchemy. He wrote 42 books on science embracing astronomy, astrology, law and chemistry and among other subjects, the Hermetic teachings. He was also known as Mercury with wings on his heels.” (2)

My favorite book of his is The Divine Pymander of Hermes, which is readily available. If you want to read one of the earliest manuals of enlightenment, which says everything that’s said today but in amazingly quaint language, that book is very enjoyable to read.

Others prefer the Emerald Tablets, which he also wrote. These books are proof that a perennial philosophy exists embodying the secrets of enlightenment and has been known to adepts of all generations.

So, if Genii is right, Hermes will grace Sedona by this office. If that proves to be the case, I’ll be standing in line on opening day because Hermes has long been one of my favorites.

I know I’m twittering away like Louella Parsons here, but it simply reflects how exciting I find these times. They’re so exciting that if I don’t discuss them, I think I’ll burst.


(1)  Archangel Michael, “We Invite You to Build Nova Earth with Us,” at
(2) Genii Townsend, “Hermes: As Above, So Below,” Feb. 8, 2013,  email to Steve Beckow.

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