Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Manuscript Of Survival - Part 270

But think again, as we say, because what you actually see is not what you will be getting, for what you see are just the remnants of the old that is slowly but surely starting to fade way. And fade it will, in some cases more abruptly than you could have thought, as the news coming your way via the airwaves and the mass media have more than stated clearly. For you see, this old garment of fear and disillusionment has already started to rip at the seams, and this unraveling process has gained momentum, and will continue to do so. We gather that many of you have already started to sit up more alert in your chairs following the dramatic events of just last week, concering both earthly and more celestial powers of various kinds. So yes, this is indeed an interesting time to be alive, and certainly an interesting time to behold.

For remember, you as the wayshowers have already taken it upon yourselves to prepare for what is to come, and you have jettisoned the old baggage that so many of your fellow men are still dragging behind them. And as such, you will be literally free to take action as soon as you see the opportunities start to arise around you. And now, thanks to the lessening of the grip of that old and conservative in every sense of the word, the spurts of new growth will start to emerge in evey nook and cranny.

So the old guard will be literally caught off guard, and even if they try, they cannot manage to rustle up enough power to stop this process from taking place. And they know it too, because they too can read the signs coming their way. After all, it is not as if they are written in minuscule letters hidden somewhere in an obscure channel. No, the signs have become loud and clear now, and they will continue to amplify and magnify as you move towards spring on your half of the globe.

For this year, the spring in the north will herald spring all over the globe, and the autumn falling on the other half of your globe will signal the end of the old brigade. So they will be fading away, just like the colors of the fall, and they will tumble to the ground as they lose the grip on their powers, just like the leaves must relinquish their hold on the branches on the tree. But just like those leaves, nothing of the old will come to waste, as it will serve as nutrition for the new saplings starting to poke through the dense cover on the forest floor. For this is a cycle dear ones, and the energy contained even in the most backwards and stubborn of souls will serve to energize everything else as soon as it is liberated from the old husk of negation.

So again we say that you have chosen well, as you have chosen to be here at this exact moment in time, to be participants in this cycle of rejuvenation and renewal. And by your very presence, you have made the wheels begin to turn, as you are the ones who did that formidable task of pushing and pulling with all of your might to get the wheels moving again after being stuck in a seemingly endless morass of muck for such a long time. And by your gargantuan efforts, the wheels finally started to move, and by your ability to not give up, you have now ensured that these wheels have started to move freely and on their own accord now.

So take this as another reminder that you have done the most challenging part of your task already, and from now on, you will focus on the rebuilding of things. And that is certainly much more rewarding than toiling in the muck with something that seems to be stuck there forever, and that refuses to budge no matter how frustrated you get. For even if frustration will raise its head now and then in the time ahead, it will not be for the same reason as before, because now you will sense that whatever gets these wheels to slow down is only a small hindrance or a little pebble holding you back, but only momentarily.

For now, the old swamp of disbelief and disempowerment has been left behind, and all you have to do is to keep yourselves moving along, and start to relish in the speed. Feel the wind in your hair, and know that this signals the wind of freedom, not only for you, but for this whole planet. And know that you will be propelled along by forces mightier than whatever the opposition to this forward momentum might try to throw in your way. For this journey cannot be stopped now, not by any earthly powers, nor by anything else.

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