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The Divine Mother: Your Litfoff to Creation is Underway – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1.)

An Hour with an Angel, February 4, 2013, with the Divine Mother - Channelled By Linda Dillon

Steve Beckow: SaLuSa has said, “You’ll shortly notice a wave of love sweeping the Earth that will show you your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward.” (2) And Heavenletters this morning speaks of “a comet of love that will cross the horizon,” (3) and another source says there’s a light storm headed our way.

What are they talking about, Mother? Is there an event we can be expecting soon? What is the event being discussed?

Divine Mother:   It is not so much an event as yet another increase in the frequencies that are being shared with you. Now, as I have said to thee, and yes, as an aside, all of you, come to me, come to me with your questions, your fears, your uncertainties, but also come to me with your victories and your joys. We always share the love.

Now, you know for the past several years, but intensely in the last, oh, 16 months of your time you have been penetrated enormously from the One, from our hearts to yours. And we have said this repeatedly, that this was not an energy that was specific, because it penetrated all beings upon the planet. And that is one of the most significant shifts that took place, that even those who are completely oblivious to such things as Ascension on the soul level said yes.

Now, what is taking place? As we have said, we have stepped back, we are holding the frequency, we are supporting you in the unified field of love. But it is about to increase.

Because we choose? No. We have always chosen to give you as much as you could possibly absorb. But, might I say that part of our subtle assistance is this raising in frequency so that you can begin to acknowledge and embrace your trans-dimensional selves?

Now, there have been times — and your star brothers and sisters also are working very intensely, particularly the healers, the healing ships; they are doing very fine-tuning on your new fields. And you may feel many issues coming to the forefront, or situations that are being presented to you.

And as they do, these adjustments are being made to empower you as you go on that lift-off to creation. Now, there are times when you cannot, for example, put your finger, your physical finger into a light socket, because you will be electrocuted, or certainly experience severe discomfort.

Now, as this shifting is already underway, you are ready to experience this blissful love. It is not simply a singular event. It is a series of events where you begin to look at each other and say, “My God, it’s happening! And I am in this partnership of creation!”

And yes, your star brothers and sisters — and this is something that we have not talked about; and I would suggest in this forum that you have, this platform, that it is time to talk with some of your galactic brothers and sisters again, to also hear their side and perspective, but it does involve them as well, but it also involves human chains of events, not cataclysmic, not harsh — because, do not forget, part of your making peace with the old 3rd is realizing that that anticipation of something cataclysmic or harsh does not have to exist. Can you create it and cling to it? Yes. But it is still not real.

What is real, what is real, my son, my children, is my love. That is all there is. That is all there has ever been. So when the channels are hearkening good news, they are each expressing it in the ways that they are perceiving it, some as a lightning storm. We have talked previously of tsunamis of love; that is what this is about. But it is a longer tsunami, and it is not destructive.

SB:   Thank you very much. Let me perhaps read you the questions I have remaining, and you can choose how much time you want to give to each.

First of all, NESARA has been said to be awaiting the final call of the dark ones. Is this true? And if so, speaking very generally, not wanting to violate the channel’s contract with you, is it a long time away?

What needs to be done to build Nova Earth, Mother? And what help can we expect from the Company of Heaven in that?

What is our role? What should we be doing? What can only be done by the Company of Heaven? We’re having trouble figuring that out.

And finally, have you any words of direction or inspiration to say to us regarding Nova Earth day on February 14, 2013?

So, with that, Mother, I’ll turn it over to you and just allow you to address those as you wish.

DM:   NESARA is not long away, but understand, it is not simply an event or an occurrence or a passage. It is a change in attitudes and the belief systems of what you are creating. And as you are — and I can see you! Do not think that we have stepped that far back! — that you are being creative in ways to bring forth and call from the multiverse abundance — and yes, I understand, sweet angels, that does include cold, hard cash, but it also includes abundance of love, of health, of balance, of harmony in relationships, of peace on Earth — this is not being held in abeyance by dark ones. They have simply lost their power. So let that be said as well.

Now, let us go to the day of love. Every culture on this magnificent planet has days of celebration. And I tell you, we delight in most of them. The only ones that sometimes puzzle us, shall we say, are those when you do self-flagellation, because it refers back to blame and fault and guilt and being unloved. There is a difference between saying to yourself, to another, to the universe, “I apologize, I am sorry,” and beating yourself up emotionally, spiritually or otherwise.

But there have not been days of unified celebration of love, and that is truly what you have thought of as February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day. But that has also been restricted to a certain cult or culture, or even with religious significance. Coming together to celebrate — think of it this way:  Yes, you do have Earth Day, we understand that. But think, Earth Day is more about the healing and repair of Earth.

What you can do on Nova Earth Day is have an incredible, heartfelt, unique expansion of love — for Gaia, for each other. That is the most important thing you can do right now, is create love between each other, harmony and peace amongst the humans. And that begins with harmony and peace within.

But to have a day where everybody comes and celebrates and talks to the flowers and the trees and to the very Earth that holds you, to the skies and to your star brothers and sisters that still patiently wait — if you think you are patient, dear heart, you have nothing on them!

So, yes, we love this planned event. And you know what else? There is always a question. The biggest issue of the human collective is worthiness, deservingness, love, self-love, self-acknowledgment.

But this is also a situation where you are saying to Gaia, we love you. This isn’t about repairing you, fixing you up. This is an expression of our love for you and for everything — every culture, every snail, every reindeer, every speck of dust. It is about having a day where everyone consciously goes to that place of the heart.

We can think of no other event that will catapult you faster. What do you do in creating Nova Earth? Well, dear hearts, you have taken the mantle of responsibility for what we would say is the human component. And what does that mean?

It is so broad in some ways as to boggle your mind, because it is everything from what goes on within your home, with your family, with your neighbors, with your animals, with your gardens, to the streets, to the highways, to the buildings, to the anchoring of cities of light, to the renewing of workable — your word, dear one — sustainable institutions that are reflective of concern, respect and honoring of the truth of the human spirit.

It is the anchoring and the claiming and the full demonstration of your creator self. Is it a tall order? Yes. But it begins right now. It began in December. It began in the previous December. It began 25 years ago. It began when Yeshua walked the Earth, when the Buddha sat. It is underway.

How do I know which undertaking to apply myself to? This is part of the muddling that I was speaking of, the beginning of that planning of where to start, what to do.

Does it bring joy to your heart? Does it ignite that wonderful smile in your tummy? Does it make your feet tap, wanting to get going? Does it feel like love? Does it feel that you could take this project, whatever it is, and show it to me in full confidence and pride that this is something that you are offering yourself, each other, and the multiverse, the omniverse.

Now, if it does not give you that feeling, then set it aside. Go on to the next idea. Because the inspiration that you are being flooded with — and I mean each and every one of you; you are not in a lull, you are overwhelmed with ideas. So go to the next one, and say, all right, is this the one that makes my heart sing? And it may be a multitude of steps.

For example, it may be, “I am creating harmony and harmonious relationships within myself, with everything. With my animals, with my plants, with my food, with my drink, with whatever partners, or friends, or family.” And then I expand it to my community, to the political stage, to the offerings, to the homeless, to the hungry.

And then it expands to a state or provincial level, to a national level. Or maybe your starting point is working from the mega to the miniscule. Maybe you are beginning with ending hunger in Africa and then working it backwards.

But do what feels like unbridled joy. That is how you create Nova Earth. That is how you say, as a human, as a creator race, this is how I work with the elementals, with the kingdoms, with the devas, with the planet, with my guides, with my star brothers and sisters, with the Company of Heaven. No one can be excluded.

I know. My vision is infinite. And so is my plan. But I share with you my knowing. You are doing this. You are already underway. As your Mother, as your support, I could not be more proud of you.
You have not just heard the clarion call, you have sent out the clarion call. And we hear you. We honor you, and we support you, dear heart. Each of you. Each of you are precious to me.

SB:   Thank you, Mother. In the time remaining, can you tell us, as specifically as you can, how are we to end gender persecution on the planet?

DM:   First of all, by using the power of “no.” The power of no, and of yes, for that matter, is one of the most critical elements of creation that you are learning.

So it is in your heart, in your mind, in every fiber of your being sending out the message to the human collective, and to the multiverse, that this is an absolute no. And then, it is not supporting any kind of regime — I do not care what you call it — that engages in that type of persecution.

You are still… your economies are changing — very rapidly, by the way — but you are still having what we would call the power of the purse. You are not using it.

And it is through social action… yes, you have this social networking, through your platforms, through your political will, you have need to shift attention from the glory of war to the glory of peace. And that is by having people who will speak up and take appropriate action where such persecution is present.

It does not mean you board a plane, but what it does mean is even within your own communities that you believe are so sophisticated or advanced that you dig a little deeper and make sure that that level of persecution is not on the home front as well, because it is. It is very practical, but it begins spiritually, with the clarion call of no.

SB:   Are you suggesting an economic or financial boycott in certain areas of the world in which evidence of persecution is there? Is that what you’re suggesting?

DM:   That is exactly what I am saying.

SB:   Now, would that be a very specific boycott? For instance, I’ll give you an example. A jirga [local council] in Afghanistan or Pakistan sentences a woman to judicial rape or condones an honor killing, are you suggesting a financial boycott of that region of the country?

DM:   It has to also be clearly expressed that that is the reason you choose not to support that economy.

SB:   Okay. I think I get where you’re going.

Mother, this has been such a helpful talk. You’ve hit more home runs in this one hour than Babe Ruth in his lifetime. Thank you very much.

DM:   Go with my love, now and infinitely. Farewell.

SB:   Farewell, Mother.


(1) There are a number of devotional attitudes that spiritual aspirants take towards God: that of child to a parent, that of parent to a child, that of brother or sister, that of a friend to a friend, that of a lover to the beloved, etc. Devotional attitudes come naturally to a person; they aren’t something that can be forced. My attitude towards the Divine Mother has always been as a child to its mother.
(2) SaLuSa, Dec. 28, 2012, at
(3) “Heavenletter: Lights are Going on All Over the World,:” Feb. 4, 2013, at

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