Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lighten Up Lightworkers!

The Venerable Trungpa Rinpoche to a student complaining of having lost his sense of humor: "Well then, you had better go and find a new one!" DT he ET

Heavenletters: God Created All Manner of Wondrous Things 

February 03, 2013

funny-kids02God said:
When I created the cosmos I created all manner of wondrous things, not the least of which is you. And, do you want to know one of the great things about you that I created? Of all the marvels I created when I created you, I created a sense of humor.
Now how is that for thinking of everything! What a God am I!

And what a human being I created. One who can even laugh at himself. Congratulations. You have a sense of humor to pull out when you can most use it, and you will do well to use it often. Keep your sense of humor at the ready. Keep it out where you can grab it. Grab your sense of humor over a gun. Grab your sense of humor over everything but love.

A sense of humor restores your good nature. O to be good-natured. O to be in good humor. O to be a delight.

A Sense of Humor comes in very handy.

Life, as you see life requires a sense of humor. And what does it mean to have a sense of humor? It doesn’t mean you have to be a wit. It means that you accept that life as it perceived is the theater of the absurd. When you come to think of it, what is not to laugh about or to laugh along with. A sense of humor holds you in good stead. A sense of humor is refreshing. A sense of humor tells you that seriousness and taking life literally is not always the best policy.

What would you recommend doing if you step in a puddle? Would you curse? Would you cry? No, beloveds, laugh at yourself. Take delight in yourself and a world where you can fall in a puddle and get up! Mud will wash off, and with it, the sanctity of your ego, your fragile ego.

You may think the world will think you a fool for falling in a puddle. How much more foolish would it be for you take plopping down in the mud seriously. Yes, of course, how can you speak before a group sodden in mud?

You may think your life became unhinged. Certainly, it means a change for you. Certainly, it means something unexpected. What do you expect of life but the unexpected? Where was it written that you are to be above slipping in mud?

Be glad you fell in soft mud and not on ice. Be glad you had a chance to have a good laugh at your expense. Hurray for having occasion to let go of ceremony and let go of your officiousness. Falling in mud is not your downfall. Ego is. It is ego that trips you up. Cast ego behind you. Cast joy in front of you. Embarrassment is nothing. It seems big. All eyes on you. Laugh, and your laughter will allow others to laugh as well. A good laugh will be had by all. For a few moments, you are a star, and many hands will be offered to help you get up. Maybe someone who helps you will also slip in the mud with you, and you will have more to laugh over.

It’s all in a day’s work, beloveds. Work on not minding so much. There is no need for you to be crestfallen.

The day you slip in the mud is a day to remind yourself of rejoicing. Enjoy that you are able to walk and slip in the mud and get up. Rejoice, and have a new spring in your step. Rejoice that you are someone who can laugh. Let the corners of your mouth turn up. Go right ahead and laugh.

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